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How to choose a shirt


A shirt is a good gift for a man who takes care of his clothes and appearance. However, a woman may not know all the nuances that need to be considered when choosing this piece of clothing.

Before buying, find out what size shirts the man you choose to wear wears. To do this, you can look at the markings of the shirts he already has or find out the three main parameters for determining the size of such clothes – the volume of the collar, chest and waist. You can compare volumes with the sizes presented on store shelves using tables on clothing and shopping websites.

Decide where you want to buy the shirt. Unlike a good suit, shirts of decent quality are also offered in the middle price segment. Therefore, it is not necessary to look for them in a boutique – in a mass-market store you can also buy a good shirt.

Focus on such an indicator as the type and quality of the fabric. It is best to choose a shirt made of natural material, possibly with the addition of artificial fibers. It is desirable that it contains at least 80% cotton. If possible, check if the fabric is pleasant to the touch. This is important, as it will fit snugly to the body.

There are different models of shirts, and they need to be selected depending on what style a man adheres to. For strict office suits, white or blue shirts are suitable, plain or with a small pattern in the form of stripes and cells. For an informal setting, the choice of colors and patterns can be much wider. The shape of the collar is also important. The classic turn-down with elongated ends enjoys stable success. It is acceptable to wear a collar that is practical in any circumstances, the cut of which provides for fastening its edges with buttons to the shirt.

In general, when choosing a shirt, like any other part of the men’s wardrobe, it is better to focus on more conservative models, especially if you are not sure about the taste preferences of the man to whom the item is intended.

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