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How to choose a wallet


At first glance, there is nothing easier than choosing a wallet. A pleasant color, spaciousness are the parameters by which almost every third person chooses this necessary item. But in fact, you need to know some of the nuances so that cash is in it and it serves its owner for as long as possible.

Don’t buy too cheap a wallet. It can tear and become unpresentable in a matter of days. According to monetary Feng Shui, this is unacceptable. It is better to save money or ask your loved ones to make you such a gift for some holiday. The wallet should have a solid appearance, even if you don’t have much money in a given period of time. It can be decorated with rhinestones or other decorations. The more expensive it looks, the better.

Opt for browns, blacks, greys, reds or golds. These colors "love" money, so these wallets will attract money energy. In addition, they are not as easily soiled as other light shades. Since the "storage" for money is an item needed daily, this factor plays an important role when choosing.

Choose not too big, but not too small wallet. Money in the “house" should be comfortable, that is, they should lie there not crumpled and not folded in half, but neatly unfolded. Small items require a separate compartment. It should not lie with banknotes. In the store you can quickly find coins in a separate pocket. In addition, there are compartments for business cards or bank cards.

Take the wallet in your hand. You should be comfortable holding it. In addition, it should fit in your bag without difficulty. Otherwise, you can leave it somewhere. Notice how it closes. Manufacturers often put inconvenient locks. If it is difficult for you to close and open your wallet, you should abandon it and opt for another one.

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