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Learning to shop online


The popularity of online stores is understandable: sellers do not rush you to choose, you can read customer reviews, choose a convenient method and time of delivery. Yes, and the range of goods presented is much wider than in any ordinary store … However, when shopping on the Internet, you must follow a few rules.

Good quality goods must be accompanied by high-quality photographs from all angles.

Whatever you buy – a TV, a skirt or spare parts for a car, photos will be attached to the description of the future purchase (if it is of good quality). Because an online store selling licensed goods has nothing to hide. Some trading platforms even accompany the product with a 3d model or video. For example, buyers of the bonprix.ru online store can see the presented clothes in videos with models.

The amount of information about the product on the store’s website should be as complete as possible.

Under the name of the product should be detailed information about all its characteristics. When you buy a refrigerator, pay attention to its volume, quick freeze function and warranty period. The description of the garment must be accompanied by the composition of the fabric, special notes on use (if any) and a sizing chart. Otherwise, how can you choose what really suits you?

A reputable online store has a variety of payment methods and is not limited to electronic money.

An electronic wallet is a real find for scammers, because it is the easiest way to withdraw money from it. If the store requires at least a partial prepayment, do not try to send money via the Internet. It is much less dangerous to transfer funds to a bank account or by cash on delivery – this way it is possible to track scammers if necessary.

Again, for security reasons, pay attention to the presence of the details of the store and the address of its location.

A real-life store will not forget to provide reliable information about the physical and legal address, TIN and PSRN number, leave a phone number and fax number for communication with potential buyers.

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