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How to choose autumn cosmetics


The onset of the new season is a good reason to replace the contents of your own cosmetic bag. First of all, it is necessary to get rid of old funds, they must be ruthlessly thrown away, the shelf life of lipsticks, mascaras, eye shadows is not long. Expired foods can cause allergies and inflammation.

It is not necessary to purchase cosmetics of expensive brands. However, you should pay attention to the composition of the product, what chemical compounds it contains, and the expiration date. Buying cosmetics from cheap manufacturers is also not worth it. It is less stable, does not fit well on the skin.

Choose cosmetics depending on skin type, season and age. In autumn and winter, most of the time has to be spent in a heated room with overdried air. It is difficult for the skin to breathe in such conditions, it loses its tone, becomes lethargic. Outdoors, cold and humid air has a negative effect on exposed areas of the body. Temperature fluctuations lead to a violation of the water-lipid barrier of the skin, it dehydrates, irritation appears.

Therefore, the main task of cosmetics during this period is to help the skin breathe, maintain its tone and water balance. You need to buy a moisturizer, because lack of fluid leads to dehydration and premature aging of the skin. You will also need a refreshing spray, which should be applied before applying moisturizers. Use protective face and hand creams. They help create a barrier to the penetration of external irritants and keep substances inside the skin that provide elasticity.

You also need a scrub or gommage to cleanse the skin; in the fall, peeling should be done once a week, sometimes twice. You can use masks made on the basis of fruits and berries at home.

Be sure to buy matting wipes, they will help cleanse your face of dirt and dust, remove oily sheen and tone your skin outside the home. Such products will not spoil the makeup, since they are made from a microporous film.

You also need to purchase a concealer, preferably a yellow shade that will hide the blue under the eyes. Such funds are produced in the form of a pencil, stick, roller gel. Especially effective are those that contain vitamins C, A, E and caffeine.

Lip balm will soften their skin, prevent chapping, shine. It is desirable if they include honey, vitamins and jojoba oil.

When buying, it is recommended to choose products of the same cosmetic line, they contain the same components, complement each other, enhance the effect of each product separately. The risk of allergies is reduced because the funds do not conflict.

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