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How to choose the right coat: getting ready for spring


A demi-season coat is a popular item in a woman’s wardrobe. She is able to emphasize the femininity, fragility and good taste of its owner. If spring is already here and you still don’t have the right clothes to meet her, take a look at the coat.

Popular coat models

The classic never gets old, and the usual classic models of English coats continue to be in demand. This semi-fitted dress with a length slightly below the knee perfectly emphasizes the female figure.

In addition, you can be sure that next year your coat will not go out of style.

An overcoat is another popular model of demi-season outerwear. A few years ago, she became incredibly popular, and now that spring and autumn you can meet girls in such a uniform on the streets. The overcoat looks great with rough heeled shoes, which makes the female figure even more fragile.

The double-breasted trench coat is a style that has been steadily appearing on the catwalks for several seasons. Decorated with a wide belt and patch pockets, this trench coat looks equally good on girls with different body types.

How to choose a women’s coat

When choosing a coat, be guided by your type of figure. Almost all models suit tall and slender girls. Both straight and fitted styles look good on them.

Full girls should pay attention to a coat-a-line long just below the knee. This model will visually reduce curvy hips and hide wide knees, and girls of small stature look taller in it.

Ladies with a wide back and a lush bust, but narrow hips, should prefer discreet models without decorative trim and bright patterns that will make the top heavier. Match a scarf with a coat that you can drape overly broad shoulders.

What to look for when choosing a coat

In order not to wonder after the purchase how to remake the coat, approach the choice of this outerwear responsibly. You should try on the style you like on a warm sweater or other clothes that you plan to wear underneath. Otherwise, you may find the coat tight under your arms or bubbling up your back.

Carefully choose the fabric from which the coat is made. Cashmere is the most non-staining and heat-intensive material and, importantly, light. Wool and tweed are heavier, but they also retain heat very well. Boucle and velor are beautiful fabrics, but coats made from them quickly lose their appearance. It is better to use such outerwear as a spare option for going out.

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