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Whom to earn money for the New Year?


The pre-holiday days and Christmas holidays provide an excellent opportunity for part-time work for those who wish to spend this time for the benefit of the wallet. Usually, the New Year holidays last in our country for at least a week, during this period it is quite possible to earn a decent amount of money.

It remains only to choose the type of activity that suits you.

Already from mid-December, the time for corporate parties and all kinds of feasts begins. Most restaurants at this time hire additional cloakroom attendants, waiters, bartenders, washers, cleaners and kitchen workers. If you have free evenings and nights, then you should take a closer look at this option of a part-time job. However, keep in mind that to work in catering establishments, you must have a health book (it is better to prepare it in advance so as not to run around clinics at the last moment).

It is impossible to imagine the New Year without the appropriate attributes: Christmas trees, toys, garlands, firecrackers and crackers. Usually in large shopping centers many additional points are opened for the sale of New Year’s products. You can get a job as a salesperson. Also, Christmas sales are the time for various promotions and tastings, so during this period it is easy to master the work of a promoter.

If you have acting talent, you should try yourself as a toastmaster or animator at the New Year’s holiday. From mid-December to early January, the services of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden are in great demand. If you don’t mind dressing up as a fairy-tale wizard and wishing kids and adults a Happy New Year, prepare a costume and a program in advance and find potential clients.

Car owners can earn good money by private cabs during the Christmas holidays. At this time, taxi services are extremely in demand, and tariffs increase many times over. If you love pets, offer your friends and acquaintances who are out of town to look after their pets.
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