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So, the holidays have died down and the gray everyday life of married life begins.
Plant a garden. Then plant a tree. When the tree is two or three years old, make a list of 20 easy, low-cost things that you plan to do together over the next 20 years. Bury the box with your list in the garden and cover it with a stone tablet on top. Agree to come back here after some time.

Respect and a sense of humor are the foundation of a successful marriage. For example: when you go shopping, respect her wishes in terms of brands and quantity of products needed. Fool around by calling her from the other aisle of the supermarket and tell her about the strange foods and interesting people you see. If you are waiting in the car, just call him and flirt with her, it’s that simple.

Do housework or do the dishes with her. There is nothing wrong with the fact that many men are not very good at washing dishes.

While washing the car, offer to spray. If she refuses, then pretend that everything is in order, and then rinse her thoroughly. Chase her around the house and the street. And when she, for example, says: “We interfere with the neighbors," make her laugh as much as possible, pretending to be a child. Take a shower together and wrap her in a towel, it’s so easy.
Paint the room together. Just don’t have a paint fight this time. After all, the paint can get into the hair. And if she’s not an artist, she won’t like it at all.
Think about your finances. Discuss who will be in charge and respect his wishes.
If you’re stuck in traffic with her, put on a CD of her favorite songs. Sing to her! She will either like it or she will beg you to stop.

Argue with her and let her win the argument half the time, it’s that simple.
Tease her so she doesn’t get it into her head that she’s perfect. Let her do the same.
Chase her around the house whenever you want her. If she is chasing you, run away from her as fast as you can. Tease her, play with her. And only when she is ready to give up this idea, let yourself be caught, because it’s so simple.

Always offer your shoulder if she needs to cry. Remember, there will come a time when you will need her support too.

Go out with her in public. Compliment her. Kiss her. But not on people.
When you cannot understand it, ask for help from those who always understand it.
Walk away from her, but always come back. Give her time to take a break from you. Take a break from it yourself. After a quarrel, come to her and sort things out together. Learn from her and always thank her for reconciliation, because it is so simple.

Cook her favorite dish and enjoy dinner together. After all, she also has hard days.
Fall asleep next to her, hug her, shelter her and always give more than she asks, it’s that simple.

Wake up with her, smile at her, have a bath fight from time to time and let her win, it’s so easy.

Thank her weekly for being your life partner. Ask her out every Friday or Saturday and spend the whole evening just the two of you. Don’t always meet on the spot. After all, you can be late and, thereby, upset her.
Follow her, it’s so easy.

Twenty years have passed, dig out the list box and read what you planned to do together. Check if you succeeded, discuss the list again and add a few more points. Then bury it again for 10-20 years, because it’s so simple.

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