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Parting with a dear person is always painful, especially if you still love him, and his feelings for you have cooled down. For some time after a breakup, it’s hard to get used to the lack of the opportunity to be around, go for a walk together, plan trips, although it’s even more difficult to refuse planned events. After parting, it is very important to remember that life without this person is real, because once you were not together. If the mood is at zero and thoughts are only about one thing, it is necessary to resort to advice that has been repeatedly pulled out of the neuroses of patients with “parting".

The embodiment of the advice of psychologists on this topic, in fact, is unusually large, these are books, and trainings, and personal consultations. But the most important thing on the way to victory over despondency is the desire to overcome it. What do experts advise in such cases?

Psychologist’s advice: what to do after breaking up?

First, stop!

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, get angry, grind, lament over how it was and how it could be, and accept everything as it is. There is a fact. It happened the way it happened. Of course, if you take the breakup for granted, sadness will not go away by magic, but it will still become a little easier.

This stage is the hardest to get through. It is also difficult to get out of the state of “in a blanket by the window” or “all in tears and lipstick” because this is the very first thing you experience when you are left alone with yourself. Difficult, but possible! And so, we cried, gathered our courage, recognized the fact of parting – we go further.

Second, admit that you can be a happy person.

There are a lot of different methods on how to feel like a happy person: meditation, watching life-affirming films, reading books on the topic "How to become happy." First of all, remember exactly those moments of your life when happiness was a reality. Nothing if these moments are connected with this person, because he, too, WAS a part of your life. Concentrate on the fact that life is, in fact, full of interesting things, and most importantly, that many of them are available to you more than ever. Start doing something that has always been interesting, but never got around to. It doesn’t matter what it is, sing, draw, knit with a cross, whatever, the main thing is that it brings joy. Treat yourself. Buying a long-desired trinket, updating your wardrobe, going to a beautician traditionally remain effective pills in the treatment of this disease.

Thirdly, fix your result in the fight against despondency.

The mood is fighting, the world has again acquired bright colors, or at least began to acquire shades other than black and white, then go ahead! Remember that you are super and recover into the light. The time has come, as they say, to see people and show themselves. Moreover, you still can not avoid communication with other people. Yes, especially sweet and benevolent friends will definitely want to sympathize with your loss. But it doesn’t matter anymore, because everything that was before is a turned page, and there are still many interesting and intriguing chapters ahead, and it’s okay if old characters flash from time to time, because new ones will appear soon.

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