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How to create the image of a perfectionist?


Psychologists do not consider perfectionism to be a useful personality trait. Usually they are called to get rid of it, so as not to drive oneself into too rigid limits of social requirements. But the image of a neat and perfectionist is valued by employers and teachers. For this reason, the fashion industry has evolved to help women create the feeling that they love perfection in everything.

An inept combination of things can spoil the image. Even expensive purchases can create an image of a sloppy and careless lady if you do not know how to match styles and tones to each other. Creating an image of a neat woman is not as simple a decision as it seems. Our recommendations will help you achieve this result.

Features of behavior, attitudes are extremely important things for the formation of a general image. Neat and tidy women in people are associated with happy and optimistic people. This is a positive image, so it is definitely worth knowing how it is formed. We will talk about what is the quintessence of the style of a flawless woman. First of all, these recommendations will be useful to you in your career. Neat people who believe in a good future are valued in any company.

Style of behavior of neat women

When a woman looks clean and tidy, she is perceived as a cheerful, cheerful and sweet lady. In addition to special clothes, smiles and excellent manners will come in handy. Followers of the preppy style have a soft, refined, graceful taste. They are sensitive to cultural and important social events. Callousness, snobbery and rudeness are categorically not combined with this image.

How to create the image of a perfectionist?

Neatness in clothes

To create an image of a preppy woman, you need to focus on elegant and classic clothes. Too bright options should be replaced with something more restrained. Get inspiration from old English films where you can see what young people looked like when studying at universities.

How to create the image of a perfectionist?

As part of this style, wear only clean, fresh clothes that are perfect for your figure. Many modern fashion designers produce this type of thing these days.

Must-have wardrobe items for a perfectionist

There are several types of clothing and accessories that are iconic for this kind of style. In fact, you need to be able to create flawless combinations of patterns and colors. Clothing should have a clear silhouette and contour, and this will be the basis for success. Let’s make a list of items of clothing and accessories that you must have in your arsenal.

1 shirts

Polo shirts and oxford cuts are must-have pieces of clothing for creating an image of an excellent student. They can be with short or long sleeves. Several of these shirts will help you combine and create many different outfits.

How to create the image of a perfectionist?

2 Skirts and dresses

Skirts that are associated with the image of a preppy woman are short plaid options. Pencil skirts are also suitable. It is recommended to choose pastel colors, khaki and lightly tanned skin. But if you like a bright look, you can wear a brightly colored plaid skirt. Another option for a suitable cut for such an image is skirts sewn in a marine theme.

How to create the image of a perfectionist?

Polo dresses will also look great in this style, especially if they are made of striped fabric. Elegant strappy stiletto heeled sandals will be the perfect complement to this elegant look. Significant, distinctive prints of the neat style are polka dot, striped, and plaid fabrics.

3 Pants and shorts

You must have Bermuda shorts in your wardrobe if you want to create an image of an excellent student. This type of pants is suitable for both boys and girls. They can be both plain and sewn from colorful fabric. Even bright colors are acceptable if they match your lifestyle. As for jeans, they are also appropriate, but should be simple, without scuffs and color inserts.

How to create the image of a perfectionist?

4 Shoes

Neat women love to walk in ballet flats. But high-heeled leather shoes will also be appropriate.

How to create the image of a perfectionist?

5 Accessories

Choose simple, classic items, preferably gold or silver. As for the shape of jewelry, excellent students love delicate, refined lines.

How to create the image of a perfectionist?

If you like a slightly teenage look, headbands and headbands with bows are a great choice.
Careerism is an unprincipled (according to some) pursuit of personal success in any activity.

The Hungarian psychologist, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst L. Szondi, based on the results of his research, wrote that an obsessive desire to make a career may be the result of an attempt to forget a psychotrauma. Such a person moves away from solving personal problems, focusing on professional activities for the purpose of career growth. The resulting psychotrauma changes the moral and ethical principles of the individual. Upon reaching the desired goal, such a person may experience an incomplete traumatic depression.[1]

A personal career plan is a personal “navigator" for a person building his career, describing goals (long-, medium-, short-term) and ways to achieve, based on personal mission, values ​​​​and desired lifestyle (see example in the links section).

There is a view of career advancement as an achievement of human or professional incompetence called the Peter principle.

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