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How to decorate a wedding car with your own hands?


I want to make the decor for a wedding celebration original and unique, thought out to the smallest detail. And even if a special agency helps you with the preparation, take part in making decorations for the wedding car to realize your own ideas. The car accompanies the newlyweds throughout the day, so that your creativity will remain in the memory of the guests and will be captured in photos and videos.

Decorating a car for a wedding with flowers

For a wedding car, choose bouquets so that they look advantageous on the surface of the car. When decorating a themed celebration, choose floral arrangements that will organically combine with the overall style of the wedding.

Do-it-yourself small flower bouquets to decorate a wedding car. They are useful for decorating car handles and mirrors. Tie a few selected flowers with a short stem with a long satin, nylon or lace ribbon, make a lush bow. With a thin, strong ribbon that matches the color of the ribbon, tie the bouquet tightly to the car part. You can tie a bow immediately on the car handle and insert one living flower on a long stem into it.

To decorate the hood, bumper or car number, make a wreath of flowers. Cut out a ring from thick cardboard, it can be round, oval or heart shaped. For decor, you will need fresh flowers, you can use artificial ones, but they must be of very high quality. Cut off the stem with scissors. Attach the flowers to the cardboard base with clear glue. On the back of the wreath, attach long ribbons of a suitable color. With their help, the decoration will be fixed on the wedding car.

Decorate the wedding car with fabric

To decorate a car for a wedding, light lush fabrics that are easy to drape are suitable. It can be tulle or organza. Cut a few ribbons from the roll and tie lush bows on the handles and mirrors of the car. The combination of the usual white wedding color with another bright one, but already used in car bouquets, will be especially beautiful.

Now you will need a long ribbon of fabric. Without cutting the roll, tie the loose end tightly under the bumper. Pull the fabric tightly across the top of the car to the trunk, where you secure the other end. Drape tulle or organza on one side of the car so as not to block the driver’s view. On the bumper, you can tie a prepared wreath or flower bouquet to the fabric with a thin satin ribbon, and fix two large rings on the roof of the car.

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