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How to determine the quality of a mink coat


Mink coats are very popular today, but often sellers give out cheaper and lower quality fur of other animals for mink. A certain guarantee of quality and authenticity is given by large salons. However, even there you should go fully armed, that is, possess certain information, which guarantees you the purchase of a really high-quality thing.

First, touch the fur of the fur coat you like. High-quality fur is always thick, soft, smooth, pliable to the touch.

Be sure to study the quality of the mezdra – the bottom layer of the skin. To do this, push the hairs of the fur and undercoat. If it has a light shade and is soft and elastic to the touch, then everything is in order. In old fur, the mezdra has a dark color.

Stroke the fur in the direction of growth of the pile and against. Real fur is soft and silky, and its villi almost immediately return to their original position. You can observe a completely different picture in the case of low-quality fur. If you ruffle it a little, then you will surely feel how it bristles and takes on a disheveled look.

A real mink coat is, first of all, a magnificent finish that betrays exquisite tenderness and softness to the fur. By the way, there is another way to distinguish a high-quality fur coat from a “palenki". In the first case, the bottom edges always remain free. The sewn-on bottom edge of the lining means that the manufacturers of this product are trying to hide its poor quality.

And now it’s worth looking at the wrong side of the skins and checking the quality of the seams. The high quality of the product will be prompted by neat, even, strong stitching without burrs and terry skins. Otherwise, you may end up with glued skins.

It remains to check the lining and the quality of the paint. For a quality mink coat, it is made of good fabric and perfectly matches the size of the coat. Finally, moisten a piece of white cloth with water and run it over the fur. If the fabric remains white, then everything is in order with the paint and occasional rain will not interfere with you.

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