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How to tie a scarf: on the head, on the neck, on the belt


With the help of a silk scarf, you can create a great look that will add mystery and charm and will attract the eyes of many men. French women, who know a lot about elegance and fashion, do not part with silk scarves even in hot summer. After all, this element is able to transform an ordinary suit or dress. Many still do not know how to tie a scarf: on the neck, on the belt and on the head. Lots of options.

How to tie a scarf around your neck?

1.French Knot – This type of knot looks amazing with almost any neckline. To tie a scarf, take it at opposite corners and fold them in turn from two sides to the center to make a strip about 5 centimeters wide. Then wrap a silk scarf around your neck, cross the ends at the back and pull them forward. Then align both ends and tie a knot under the chin in the center. Move the scarf slightly to one side so that the knot is off-center. And finally, tie a double knot, and straighten the ends.

2 Ring harness. This type of knot looks beautiful with any cutouts, but it is not recommended to tie it in combination with high collar blouses. In order to tie this type of knot, take a silk scarf by the corners and alternately fold it from both sides to the center to make a strip of 5 centimeters. Take the handkerchief by the two ends and wrap around your neck so that one end is longer than the other. Pass the shorter end in front of the long one and pass it through the loop around the neck. Wrap both ends in turn around the scarf in the same direction, starting from the center and moving towards the back of the head. Tuck in the protruding ends and place the scarf neatly around the neck.

How to tie a scarf on your head?

1 Bandage on the head. To do this, take a handkerchief by two corners and alternately fold them from both sides to the center to get a strip of 5 centimeters. Lay the strip over your head, joining the two ends at the back of your head. Tie a knot.

2.Using a figure eight buckle. Place the handkerchief around your neck with the ends in front. Pass the two ends of the handkerchief through the holes in the buckle. Take each end of the handkerchief and lift it up over your head. Tie the ends of the scarf under the hair, adjusting the hair, align the folds on the scarf.

3.Classic style. Fold the handkerchief diagonally. Put it on your head so that the edge is above the eyebrows. Tie the two ends in a knot at the back. Lay one end of the handkerchief on top of the other and align. This option is suitable for any age.

How to tie a scarf on the belt, on the body.

1.On the belt. Wrap the handkerchief around your waist. Tuck both ends into the buckle. This jewelry is perfect for everyday wear and evening dress.

2.Charming skirt. Take two large scarves. Tie one around your waist. Take the other one and wrap it around your waist too, in the opposite direction and tie it off.

3.Stylish top. Fasten the middle of the scarf. Point the side that was fastened towards the body. Grasp both ends of the handkerchief and tie them on your back: from below and from above. Outfit is ready! It is unlikely that anyone will be able to guess that your top is homemade.

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