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How to determine the size of men’s shirts


When choosing shirts, men often miss some of the nuances and deprive themselves of the pleasure of looking beautiful in every way. Perhaps the difficulty in choosing the right size arises from the fact that men are guided by only one indicator, and there are, in fact, more. It is necessary to choose the right shirt size, collar, height and sleeve length.

To determine your size, measure your chest circumference and divide the figure by two. The result will be your size. For example, if your chest circumference is 96 centimeters, then your size is 48. The sizes have a certain “fork", and shirts of sizes 48-50 may suit you.

European clothing sizes are indicated by the main letters: S – "small / small", M – "middle / medium", L – "large / large" and the auxiliary letter X – "extra / additional / additional". The sizes of the CIS countries correspond to the European ones as follows: 46-48 (S), 48-50 (M), 50-52 (L), 52-54 (XL), 54-56 (XXL), 56-58 (XXXL).

The two main parameters by which a men’s shirt is selected are height and collar size. It is also important to accurately choose the length of the sleeve.


To find out your collar size, measure the circumference of your neck with a centimeter and add one to two centimeters to this measurement so that the collar does not press on your throat. Thus, if your measurement is 39 centimeters, then your collar size is a fortieth.

When the shirt is buttoned up, between the collar and the neck there should be a gap one finger wide, but no more. This is due to the fact that when tightening the tie, the collar may change its shape if the distance mentioned above is greater. At the back, the collar should not slip onto the back, under the jacket, it must definitely peek out from under the collar of the jacket at least a centimeter.

When you are going to the store to choose a shirt, do not be too lazy to take with you the ties under which you are making a purchase – so you will be able to immediately determine not only how they match in color, but also whether they fit in size.


The shirt should be long enough that you can easily tuck it into your trousers and keep it tucked in when your arms are up.


In order for a shirt to fit well, it is very important not only to find the right size, but also to choose the right sleeve length – the discrepancy between the length of the arm and the shirt is immediately visible, and this spoils the overall look.

To accurately take measurements, you need to bend your arm and measure the length along the back from the middle of the neck, along the shoulders to the wrist of the hand. The cuff on the shirt should be of medium width (so that you can easily look at the clock), but at the same time it should be tight enough to wrap around the arm. According to the level of the cuffs, it should touch the base of the thumb, thus peeking out from under the sleeve of the jacket by one and a half to two centimeters.

The seams where the sleeves are sewn in should sit exactly at the edges of the shoulders. If the seams hang down, then the shirt is too big.

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