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The female body is as complex and specific as the male. Of course, the physiology of one is fundamentally different from the other. However, despite the intimate differences between the sexes, something still unites them – the desire to achieve special pleasure. Unfortunately, not all women experience sexual satisfaction, however, as well as men. But this is not the subject of this article. Today our attention is focused on the beautiful half of humanity. In search of the cherished point of ji with enviable regularity, representatives of more and more new generations are lost. This is evidenced by statistics stating only two, maximum three partners, whom a woman can call good lovers throughout her life. Sadder is the fact that a fairly large percentage of the fair sex can not boast of an orgasm at all.

The ji point has been a subject of controversy since its discovery to this day. But is the fact of its existence really so important? Of course, speaking or thinking about this mystical place, men hope to make their lives and the process of sexual intercourse easier in principle. And this is understandable, because who does not want, having such knowledge alone, to solve all the problems that may arise in matters of sexual relations. To be honest, the girls, too, probably would not refuse the opportunity to experience the whole palette of unearthly feelings from its presence. But what to do in order to find that very ji and what if it is not located in any way?


What does a woman want

Perhaps the most important thing in the search for a ji point is not even the result that everyone expects from it. Much more important is the process itself. And as they say, but in this place in more detail, please … If the desire to please your partner goes beyond banal narcissism: “Oh, what a hero I am", but is really aimed at the result, then first of all you should touch on the topic of erogenous zones. Of course, the female body (not without exceptions) is more sensual than the male body, which has been repeatedly confirmed by scientists. However, there is one "but"! And to be precise, three:

– knowledge of the anatomy of the female body;

– familiarity with the concept of erogenous zones;


Men will be indignant – again these your female features, tenderness and all that. Yes! And not again, but above all! All of the above are three pillars on which the key to female satisfaction rests. They rest one way or another in the ability, or rather, the needs of the brain. You will never find the cherished ji point, the A point, the Y point, or some new one that has not yet been discovered by scientists, until you make your partner turn on. And this is possible only in the presence of foreplay and sexual games. 


It is impossible to say categorically, because there are always exceptions. However, nature has organized us in such a way that for a full-fledged excitement, both psychological and physical, a woman needs more time than a man. As you understand correctly, the signals that come to your partner’s body through touch are sent to the brain, which in turn sends them back, gradually increasing and increasing. Psychological arousal also works, requiring some preparation before an emotional outburst.

Knowledge of a woman’s erogenous zones is very important for effective foreplay. But in this a very important role is played by nothing more than the process of searching for these very zones. Of course, science knows some of them. Still, it should be borne in mind that each person has his own most sensitive places. And only their joint study will lead you not only to the long-awaited find as a ji point or some new discoveries, but also to great pleasure in general.

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