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How to determine the size of the bracelet


Choosing the right size bracelet is just as important as choosing a ring or shoe. Too small a bracelet will be difficult to put on and take off, in addition, you risk damaging your ligaments, joints, or at least the skin on your wrist. Too wide a bracelet is bad not only because it can be lost, but also because, remembering this, you will subconsciously keep your hand in an unnatural position, with your thumb slightly retracted, which will lead to very unpleasant sensations at the end of the day.

For measurements, you will need either the so-called tailor’s tape measure or braid. A narrow paper strip or tape will also work. Do not measure your wrist with a thread, it is too thin and therefore inconvenient for this.

Clasp bracelet

Wrap a strip of measuring cloth around your wrist where you would wear a watch. Do this so that the tape is comfortable on it, but does not slip and does not restrict movement. On the tailor’s tape measure, note the numbers, on the fabric, paper, ribbon or braid with a piece of tailor’s measure or a felt-tip pen, mark the place where the end intersects with the main panel.

Attach the measuring strip to the ruler and measure its length to the mark. If you plan to buy a bracelet made of beads or large links, add about 1 centimeter. Usually for adjustable bracelets, the "rule of thumb" also applies, which says that the thumb must fit between the bracelet and the wrist, then you will be comfortable in this jewelry. If you agree with this rule, add another 1.5-2 centimeters.

If you are planning to buy a bracelet with a large heavy gemstone, do not add a millimeter to the measurements. It is better that such bracelets fit snugly on the arm, snug against the skin, than dangle freely.

Clasp bracelet

The non-adjustable bracelet slides freely enough on the hand, reaching the palm and a little lower. To find out its size, squeeze your hand as if you are about to wear a bracelet, and wrap the measuring tape around its widest part, where the knuckles are. Write down the numbers from the tailor’s tape measure or put a mark on the measuring tape. Attach the tape to the ruler and find out the length you need.

Bracelet sizes

In the CIS countries there is no special size scale for bracelets, but in the West it is. In order to use it, you need to convert your size in centimeters to inches. Remember that there are 2.54 centimeters in one inch. For children, there are sizes appropriate for their age:
From 0 to 6 months – 4.5 inches;
from 1 year to 1.5 years – 5 inches;
1.5 to 2 years – 5.5 inches;
2 to 3 years – 5.75 inches;
4 to 5 years – 6 inches;
6 to 7 years – 6.5 inches;
from 8 to 12 years – 7 inches.

Next come the adult sizes:
Tiny (Petite) – 7 inches;
Small (S) – 7.25 inches;
Medium (M) – 7.5 inches;
Large (L) – 7.75 inches;
Extra large (XL) – 8 inches.

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