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The main thing is not to act according to the “wedge by wedge” principle, any psychologist will tell you that. Often, after experiencing a painful breakup with a loved one, we are looking for new relationships. But we do this not at all because we want love – our true need is the search for psychotherapy.

When the old collapses, a place is vacated in the soul, you feel emptiness, you are scared – the old is no more, the new is not YET. And unconsciously I want to fill this void. And to understand why this happened, identifying the right and the wrong.

Think you need a new man? Yeah of course! Better go to a psychologist or a trusted friend.

If you immediately start hunting for a new candidate, then do not be surprised that he infuriates you. You didn’t need him as a man, but rather as a mental healer. But here he could seriously fall in love with you – you know how it will hurt him when he realizes that he was originally considered as a vest for your bitter tears ?!

Briefly speaking. Lick your wounds, which can take a couple of years (at least a year, that’s for sure), and only when you’re ready, start getting to know interesting guys. I wonder what are the signs of this inner readiness for a new relationship?

You feel spiritual harmony and love to be alone with yourself. You are attentive to other people, and do not try to impose yourself on them. The mood is even, without euphoria, sharply replaced by despondency. You are completely self-sufficient, criticism of other people is not able to spoil your mood. Do you have a favorite job and hobby? You accept all your past jambs without pangs of conscience, realizing that you can learn useful experience from mistakes, and at the same time, you analyze what you don’t need to do more so as not to crack with the same rake.

And take your time – what you really need will definitely come. Live to your heart’s content and a new guy will appear on the horizon at the most opportune moment.

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