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How to Entertain Your Guests on New Year’s Eve


A holiday always depends on the general atmosphere, so the entertainment of guests should be thought out in advance. New Year’s Eve is a special holiday, so when it comes to preparing entertainment, you should take it very seriously.

New Year is a winter holiday, its specificity determines the options for entertainment. For example, if there are children in the company, then you can arrange a snowball fight (although this entertainment can be interesting for adults as well). The feast can be completed with the modeling of a snowman and fireworks (if allowed). The creation of a snowman can be done in the form of a team competition, with the obligatory subsequent distribution of prizes. Prizes must be prepared in advance, these can be small souvenirs or sweets.

Charade games are great for getting rid of boredom. For example, play a game – "question and answer". Questions are written on one sheet, answers are written on the other. The leaves are taken out in random order, while the combinations sometimes turn out to be simply unique. Or play a guessing game. To do this, you need to prepare small souvenirs, any small items needed in the household. And make riddles on them in the form of poems. The guesser receives the item as a prize.

You can also arrange various competitions that Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden can hold. For example, break the guests into pairs, give each pair a candy and without the help of hands – unfold it and eat it.

As for celebrating the New Year with colleagues, censorship should be observed here and some “acute" moments that are acceptable among friends should be avoided. However, in such a company you can have a lot of fun. For example, if there are a lot of people and not all employees know each other, then you can arrange a pair competition in which people from different departments will participate. It can be a competition for the best impromptu costume for the New Year or the best parody.

The magical time of the New Year is a time of various fortune-telling and magic. Therefore, you can dress up as a fortuneteller and try to predict the fate of the next year (of course, including the fulfillment of real desires). This will perfectly entertain guests, especially women, because you always want to believe that this time the wish will come true.

The more funny jokes there are on New Year’s Eve, the more guests will remember this holiday. And they also say: "how you celebrate the New Year, so you will spend it."

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