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Probably every girl thought about how to get married in 3 days. Watch the movie How to Get Married in Three Days.

How to get married in three days

In the film, the main character Anna is a beautiful girl who has been dating a young guy, Brady, for a couple of years. She loves him very much, but he does not want to propose to her in any way. Therefore, the girl decides to take this situation under her control and marry Brady to herself.

February 29, according to the tradition of all Irish people, is the day when any girl can propose to her soulmate and he cannot refuse her in any way. According to the plot of the film, the heroine buys a plane ticket to Dublin, where her lover will be on that day. At first, everything goes according to plan, until bad weather caused the pilots to land the plane in Wales. Now she has very little time left to make the cherished proposal to get married.

In order to get to your loved one, you need to overcome many roads. That is why she asks the owner of the hotel, a grouchy uncle, to help. He initially refuses her, but after much persuasion, he agrees. Will she make it, will she? Watch the movie.

Watching a movie online is a pleasure!

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