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Own business without investment


Many of our compatriots have the so-called "entrepreneurial vein". The desire to start your own business, not to depend on bosses with an unbearable character and to work only for yourself are the strategic goals of many far-sighted fellow citizens. However, when investing all your savings, there is a possibility of unprofitable activities with subsequent bankruptcy. The organization of joint purchases (JV) is a promising direction of organizing your own business, therefore, many persons interested in obtaining a stable profit provide intermediary services in the acquisition of various products.

Basic principles of organizing a joint venture

When organizing joint purchases, it is not necessary to register as an individual and make regular contributions to the state treasury. In the early stages, this occupation may be a simple hobby with appropriate remuneration for the services rendered. Prepayments from clients often go to a bank card (salary, social, etc.). If it is not available, you should contact the financial institution and fill out the relevant documents.

The organizer of joint purchases must have the following qualities:

– communication skills and responsibility;

— knowledge of the specifics of the goods being sold (size range of clothing, the effective effect of cosmetics, the functions of digital devices, etc.);

– round-the-clock access to the Internet;

— the presence of a bank card with details for cashless payments.

Many online stores set a minimum order amount, so if you make an advance payment in full, you can purchase products at a bargain price. The essence of the joint venture lies in the accumulation of applications received from various buyers and the formation of a single order. Purchase of production is carried out on an advance payment from the client. As practice shows, it is especially beneficial to cooperate with wholesale sites. With their direct help, any interested person can purchase clothes, shoes, household chemicals and other goods at more than an affordable price.

Own business without investment

Practical advice on organizing a joint venture

To receive the first order, you need to create accounts on popular sites and message boards, such as KidStaff, Slando, etc. It is highly recommended to "acquire a rating" before starting the activity by shopping on popular portals with high attendance. In this case, the trust on the part of buyers will be many times greater.

The main advantages of organizing joint purchases:

– lack of initial capital;

– part-time employment (the possibility of combining with the main job);

– Guaranteed profit from each transaction.

Often the JV rate is 10-20%. You can choose absolutely any type of activity – clothes, underwear, cosmetics, household chemicals, etc. It is important to note that the purchase of shoes on shoe manufacturing sites involves the collection of sizes, which can take quite a long time. Some customers may not be satisfied with such conditions, so cases of refusal of the order at the most inopportune moment are likely. However, when working with a time-tested factory, with excellent product quality, an accumulated rating with positive feedback from established customers, there should be no problems with the lack of applications.

Thus, the organization of the joint venture is a popular type of part-time job, which enjoys stable popularity among young mothers on maternity leave and other categories of fellow citizens. Under the condition of profitable activity, our compatriots perfectly combine this type of activity with their main job. In the case of the dynamic development of your own business and the accumulated customer base, you can open an online store. At the same time, it will be possible to turn your favorite hobby into the main source of income.
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