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Wedding!!! Finally, it happened. The man of your dreams documented his love and devotion, swore an oath to be with you all his life – both in joy and in sorrow. Everything ended happily. No, nothing is over, everything is just beginning. The daily work of weaving the delicate lace of life together begins. A lot depends on your spouse too. But the main work that determines what will be the relationship with the man of your dreams will have to be done by the woman.

After wedding.

And this work begins on the second day after the wedding. Has your spouse ever seen you without makeup and hair before? So continue not to give him this "pleasure". Get up early and clean yourself up. The often-held opinion that I have already conquered him, now he will love me in any form, is erroneous. No one has yet been attracted to uncombed hair and a dirty bathrobe.

But this is one of the easiest tasks.

The lapping period will be more difficult. He will determine whether your relationship with a man will be cloudless or poisoned by constant quarrels. Stay with your husband’s family more often before the wedding. And not to show off. Learn the way and customs of this family. If your future father-in-law never does the dishes and the family does not consider it a man’s job, do not try to make washing your husband’s duties immediately after the wedding. Perhaps he will do so in time. Perhaps he will understand that a woman was completely engaged in housework when she did not go to work. The man, on the other hand, provided for the family, and at the time when his wife washed the dishes, he repaired the wagon or made harness for the horses, and did not sit in front of the computer at the “tanks". Or maybe he won’t understand, and you will always have to do it yourself. Think ahead, this is very important to you,

If your mother-in-law easily lets her husband go fishing with friends and is not tormented by the thought that he is with his mistress at that time, then follow her example. Your spouse may need to communicate with friends. Perhaps even the family will be in his second place. It’s not scary, because the second place is not the last. Over time, it may become the first, or it may not. But you can be calm that the husband does not have a genetic predisposition to cheating. He will come to you happy and bored. Such a relationship with a man gives you the right to spend time with your friends doing what you love.


After seven years of marriage.

Seven to ten years of marriage mark the onset of a crisis period. You successfully overcame the grinding period, the birth of a child did not shake your relationship, but only strengthened it. But a new danger lies in wait for you – monotony and monotony. It seems like there is nothing new. Therefore, you need to make every effort to bring something fresh and interesting into your life together. Do not ignore your husband’s hobbies and romantic impulses. Otherwise, he may seek understanding from his mistress. Know that a man appreciates the efforts to create a family nest. Take care of your relationship with a man and do not push him to leave the family yourself.

But, the most difficult thing is ahead of you when you are 40-50 years old. At this time, another crisis of family relations sets in. Health is not the same, sex does not cause the same emotions. Adult children do not require your care. At the same time, you are still efficient and self-sufficient. Every fifth man at this age leaves the family and enters into a new marriage. Make sure that your husband is not the fifth and does not change you for a woman 15-20 years younger. So be young yourself. And if not in body, then in spirit. Develop your husband’s fears that ahead, except for old age, nothing awaits him. Let family crises become the driving force behind the development of your family.

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