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Due to thousands of years of stereotypes about men who like to "walk" on the side and reinforcing this from a biological point of view, many women are able to experience the strongest feelings of jealousy. It very often causes scandals, and therefore it is better to quickly decide how to get rid of jealousy.

It is worth understanding that the beloved is a person who demands freedom, just like you.

If you constantly wait and follow the guy, then you definitely won’t get trust and pleasant reciprocal feelings. He may and certainly has friends and acquaintances with whom he did not introduce you for many reasons. Among them may well be girls with whom he is in friendly or business relations. And if all the time to pry and pull out information that is of interest only to you, then you can only make it worse. When the time comes, he will tell about them himself.

No need to look for reasons for jealousy

Before you wind yourself up and invent all sorts of "fantastic" stories, try to analyze all aspects. Perhaps what you think of as "treason" is a chance meeting of two acquaintances who have something to talk about. If you miss this moment, then you can earn neurasthenia and seriously begin your investigation, and this will definitely mean the collapse of the relationship.

Take care of yourself, losing the reasons for jealousy

Most women, especially with age, suspect that the partner spends less time with her because she has become unattractive or uninteresting. In that case, do your best to change. Read books, take care of your appearance, try to discover something new for your spouse or boyfriend. Then you will definitely stop blaming your shortcomings on the lack of attention from the second half and get rid of such a thing as husband’s jealousy.

How to get rid of jealousy with a positive mood

If you keep repeating to yourself that he is cheating on you and another has appeared to him, then most likely it will happen if something is not changed. Try to convince yourself that you are the one and only with him. For example, the thought flashed through your mind: “What if he has someone besides me?". Here you must understand that this is nonsense and with thoughts: “Oh no, I am the most needed woman in his world, a life partner.”

Self-realization is the way to fight jealousy

If you sit at home all the time and do nothing but watch TV, then of course, out of boredom, you will fill your thoughts with the first thing that comes to mind. And this, as a rule, is your beloved, for whom you are ready to move mountains. And this is where the twisting begins. Here you need to understand that you are also a free person and in the absence of a partner you can devote time to pleasant activities. Take a walk with your friends, talk to them about interesting topics (but not about guys). You can discuss your favorite movie or this season’s wardrobe. Take a break from thinking about the bad.

Jealousy for a former relationship does no good

Even if you are very curious about his former connections and relationships, do not try to talk about it first. This is in the past for him and now there is only you in his life and this is the most important thing. Also, do not talk about your past loves, focus on the present day, on what is happening now. Try to pull out only the useful from the former relationship.

A man who knows his place in life is a reliable support

If a husband or boyfriend spends a lot of time at work or even sometimes stays late, this is far from a fact of infidelity. Consider how much he wants to provide for his woman and family. Indeed, with one hundred percent certainty, we can say that if he abandoned his job and spent all the time with you, he would quickly become unemployed, which a married couple certainly does not need.

Guys have girl friends too

As strange as it may sound, it is true. And even if you bothered to suspect him of cheating with them, then think about why he needs you then, if he has girlfriends with whom he has long been familiar. Perhaps they are simply connected by cheerful memories of childhood or youth. There is nothing shameful here. Treat it like it’s his sister. And the thought of "jealous beloved" will forever leave your head.

Without good friends, there is no firm and confident personality.

If he spends a lot of time with friends who have girls in their company, then you must understand that they do not just communicate with your chosen one. So you can trust him and you made a good choice. Moreover, short breakups are the best way to feel longing for your soulmate and thereby strengthen feelings.

But what if there is a reason?

In the event that you know for sure that he changes and repeatedly, then there are three ways out. The first is to continue to be jealous, throw tantrums and break dishes. It won’t do you or him any good. The second is to simply get away from him, preserving your nervous system and continuing the search for a faithful life partner. And the third – if you are ready to endure all this just because he always comes back to you, then all those who caused jealousy are only temporary consolations that he cannot fully make up for with one woman. However, something that always comes back to you is a strong sign of your reliability. He definitely loves you with all his heart and will someday stop hurting you. Probably…

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