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What to do for the New Year: ideas for organizing a family holiday


New Year is a holiday shrouded in an atmosphere of magic and expectation of a miracle. At least that’s how he was as a child. But traditional feasts and gatherings in front of the TV make the long-awaited holiday look like a series of previous ones. What to do on New Year’s Eve, and so that the holiday becomes unforgettable?

There are games that are ideal for family holidays. Fanta or "crocodile" can be played together by people of different ages, and no one will be bored. Forfeits are fun tasks that the participants come up with before the game or are compiled in advance. Examples: “sing a song with candy in your mouth", “depict a perforated milk carton”, “sit under the table for 10 minutes”, etc. Fanta are folded into a hat, mixed and pulled out in turn. The meaning of the game "crocodile" is to show the partner a hidden word or even a phrase without words.

Another game that brings the family together during the holiday is “Who is this in the photo?”. Children’s photographs of relatives are laid out on the table. The task of the participants is to guess who it is. For fun, you can change the photo a little in a graphic editor. Instead of providing a photo, you can tell little-known stories about someone present (but not those that he is ashamed of). The task is the same: to guess who it is. The winners of the competitions can be given souvenirs or sweet prizes.

For children, you can arrange a real theatrical performance. Parents, under plausible pretexts, leave the room in turn and change into costumes of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. You can involve relatives and friends by introducing, for example, the Snow Queen, the good fairy, the robber, etc. into the performance. The simplest plot of such performances is that gifts or the Snow Maiden are stolen by an evil character, but children can correct the situation by demonstrating their talents.

Arrange holiday divination. Let it be comic, funny fortune-telling, so as not to spoil anyone’s mood with a sad forecast. You can come up with predictions yourself, write them on pieces of paper and hide them in cookies, which each family member takes one by one. You can guess on a book (selecting a page and a line), on a TV (you need to turn on the channel at random and remember the first phrase spoken). And if you want more seriousness and mystery – on the Chinese Book of Changes.

If you still do not know how to celebrate the holiday, take a trip. New Year, although a family holiday, but it is not necessary to celebrate it at home. The whole family can visit Santa Claus in Lapland, go to a winter fairy tale in one of the European capitals, or go to a ski resort. And if it will not be difficult for you to abandon the traditional New Year’s attributes (snow, frost, Christmas trees), then the winter holidays spent in a hot country will certainly not be forgotten!

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