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How to find your favorite job


It is about the work of vocation that the majority of the working population dreams of. Yes, a well-paid job is, of course, good, but sometimes such work is boring and does not always bring satisfaction. But finding your favorite job is not so difficult.

Do you have excellent design taste, do you choose clothes perfectly, do you like video editing, do amazing hairstyles or cakes?

So why do you sit and work under the sign: "lawyer", "engineer", "architect".

Because it’s prestigious?

How to find exactly the job that will bring not only money, but also satisfaction.

What is dear to your heart

First you need to sit down and think carefully about what you can do best, and what brings you pleasure. Arm yourself with a notebook and write down 20-30 favorite activities there. At this stage, you can connect your family and friends who see you from the outside and can give good advice.

In doing so, you should be guided by the following information:

– What can you do that you can’t refuse for any gingerbread. For example, you always walk around with a camera and you just can’t help but capture a beautiful butterfly or wonderful clouds.

– Childhood dreams. Remember what you dreamed about as a child or what you wanted to become.

What do you want to learn and are you ready for it. And don’t worry about age, because it’s never too late to learn. In doing so, you can think about the courses offered in your city. For example, you love flowers very much and know everything about their care.

So why not take a florist course?

– Separately write down in a column what you do not like to do.

– You can also wonder what you would do if the financial issue did not interest you.

Also, don’t forget to think about what and how often you read.

Maybe you constantly study the Internet, every fashion magazine and carefully follow fashion?

Narrowing the circle of skills

From the resulting list, first select 10, and then 5 of your hobbies that you do best. Here you can also use the advice of relatives, as they can remember those nuances that you did not pay attention to before. Now analyze the top five and think about where exactly you can realize your desires in life. So, for example, your hobby is the ability to cook deliciously and bake pies and cakes. You can implement your skill in the following areas: open your own cafe, bake cakes to order, open a culinary website or blog where you can give good advice.

How to find your favorite job

Feel your choice

The desire to get your favorite job and the work itself in it as such are completely different things. Therefore, you need to decide and try your hand. This will help you to actually understand whether the chosen path is really the limit of your dreams.

Demand for your profession

Any work must be paid and demanded. Don’t be shy.

Do you make beautiful jewelry, do you crochet beautifully?

So post pictures of your creations or offer your services online, on a personal blog or on a bulletin board. Believe me, there are many people who want to have the same earrings, or a delicious cake.

Fighting fears

As a rule, the first stone that a person stumbles over when choosing his favorite profession is fears. They need to be fought.

You may encounter these objections of your own:

– You are too young (old, underline as necessary) to implement this idea. Firstly, it is never too late to learn, and secondly, the implementation of a business has no age. Remember Pavel Durov. When he founded the VKontakte network, he was just over 20 years old.

– It will not bring you income.

Look on the Internet, newspapers and magazines to see if there are many people involved in this business?

So why do you think you can’t make money from it if someone is already making money?

– Don’t have the right education or skills?

You can easily learn what you need, take courses, and most importantly, practice – this is the surest way to improve.

Are you scared to start over?

Then a counter question arises, why then are you sitting here and writing down advice with a pencil?

Do you wish to change your life? – Act!

And to begin with, write in a column how you see your life in 5-10-20 years. Great motivates.

Do not be afraid to look for a job you love and take risks, because we only live once, so why not make your dreams come true?
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