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How to marry a Greek


Greece is a beautiful country. Very sunny, with a huge number of attractions and beauties of nature. Warm sea, wonderful climate – this is a real paradise. After all, in the coldest winter, the thermometer does not fall below +8 degrees. Greece is a fairly stable state financially, so by marrying a Greek, you will get a chance to secure a comfortable stay in a beautiful country.

Greeks are very temperamental, responsible. They are full of energy, and if you want to start a relationship with a foreigner, Greece is a very suitable option. However, you need to be on top. Greek men think that only Greek women can be serious, and Slavic girls are very flighty and easily accessible. Your task is to prove that this is not at all the case, that you are not available, so you need to be achieved. And the more a Greek man puts effort into courtship, the more he will appreciate you.

Greeks treat women very well. Sensuality and trepidation are two qualities that characterize them. Married to a Greek, you will know what real care is. You will feel like a goddess.

Greeks are very hardworking and you should show yourself as a hardworking, responsible woman. You should be a gift to him every day. Greeks are very fond of variety.

You must show that you will be a good wife and mother. Despite the requirement for constant change, a woman should be economic and domestic, with pleasure raising children. The Greek will have a lot of them, get ready to become a mother of many children.

The Greeks are very jealous, in a fit they can do stupid things (don’t forget, they are hot southern guys). Therefore, you should not allow a single hint of frivolity. Do not wear short dresses, tops with an open navel. Frank outfits will attract the attention of the Greek, but scare away from a serious relationship.

You must respect his country, his friends and relatives. Never allow yourself to speak badly about people. A mother is sacred, and a second cousin, whom he, to put it mildly, does not love, should in no case be scolded by you.

Greek men do not like obscurities. That is why you can directly ask if he is going to marry you, how he thinks about the further development of relations. Naturally, such questions are not asked after a week of dating. You will understand by his attitude when to ask about the wedding.

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