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How to write questions to the groom at the ransom


The ransom of the bride by the groom is a Russian wedding tradition that has recently been revived. This is a fun, playful competition between bridesmaids and groomsmen. The girls are preparing a “competition program", whose task is to compose questions for the groom at the ransom in such a way that in order to solve them he has to show himself from the most favorable side.

When compiling a list of questions and contests for the groom and his friends who came to pick up the bride to take her to the registry office, remember that this is not a reason to ridicule young people by making impossible tasks. The purpose of the ransom is to relieve the tension and nervousness that precede such an important and serious event as marriage registration. In addition, the ransom can become an occasion for the preliminary acquaintance of the parties, so not only the groom and his witness, but also those friends who came with them should participate in it.

The general mood of the wedding ceremony depends on how well the witness and the bridesmaids prepare for the ransom. Thinking through the questions, consult with the bride, who can suggest information about the character and demeanor of the groom, they should definitely be taken into account when coming up with contests. If the groom is restrained and not very liberated in life, you should not put him in front of the need to perform some ridiculous actions that are unusual for him. Try not to put the hero of the upcoming wedding in a stupid and ridiculous position if he strives to look solid and respectable.

Questions where any groom will have the opportunity to express himself and demonstrate his love for the bride include those related to his attentiveness and knowledge of her habits. For example, you can ask him to choose her favorite flower in a bouquet, and on a tray of sweets, show which ones she likes the most. If the bride’s apartment is located on the third floor and above, the groom and his team can overcome the path to it only if they come up with a new affectionate nickname or compliment for the bride on each step. If the groom makes a mistake or repeats, he will be fined with money, sweets or champagne.

When thinking up questions and contests, you should not get carried away – there are still many exciting events ahead, so limit the time for the ransom to 30-40 minutes, because at this time the bride will also be waiting and worrying. Diversify this event, include reading poetry, singing a serenade, performing an incendiary dance.

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