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How not to break up before the wedding


Pre-wedding depression can be so severe that some couples break up in the last weeks or even days before the wedding. So that the bride and groom do not quarrel and manage to organize a really beautiful and interesting wedding for both, you need to be prepared for the upcoming difficulties and peacefully resolve all issues.

Anxiety, anxiety or even depression before the wedding is the norm rather than the exception to the rule. Unpleasant emotions are often associated with fear. The bride and groom begin to doubt whether they are doing the right thing, whether they are ready for such a serious step, whether they will be able to live together and solve everyday issues, whether they will be able to make each other happy. The situation is complicated if there are people in their environment who have survived an unsuccessful marriage. Such people can turn against a wedding, convince them that “a good thing will not be called marriage", etc. Try to achieve mutual understanding, calm down yourself and calm down your partner. Throw away gloomy thoughts and do not listen to other people’s pessimistic stories.

Organization of a wedding often becomes a serious test. Ideally, both the bride and groom should do it. Unfortunately, some girls prefer to take such matters upon themselves, not considering it necessary to consult with their lover. This can greatly offend the groom. In addition, it is likely that he will not be satisfied with a wedding organized by the bride. Consult, communicate, solve problems together. It is especially useful to entrust a man with such matters as, for example, the choice of cars.

However, remember that you should not talk about the wedding all the time. It is better to assign specific days when you will organize the event, and the rest of the time, try to take a break from the hassle. Firstly, this way you can look at the situation with a fresh look, see all the inaccuracies and calmly resolve issues. Secondly, the preparation for the wedding will not be as tiring and will cause less controversy.

The most difficult question that causes the most quarrels and disagreements before the wedding is the question of who should be invited and who should not. The problem lies both in the fact that the budget is limited, and only a certain number of guests can be accepted, and in the fact that the bride and groom sometimes do not like each other’s relatives and friends too much. If your chosen one intends to invite his friend whom you cannot stand, remember that the wedding is not only your holiday, and the groom has every right to take part in its organization. Think also about the fact that such an act of a future husband gives you the opportunity to invite a friend or relative whom he cannot stand. But do not do anything out of spite, so as not to spoil the holiday. Just be patient and love and look for compromises.

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