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female orgasm

Any girl strives to get a really strong, real bright orgasm. But how can this be achieved? Let’s think, if we wanted to make our figure perfect – tighten muscles, pump up the press, increase breasts, etc., then we would turn to professional fitness instructors. After all, to have a perfect figure you need to train. Similarly, in the matter of an ideal orgasm – in order to get it – you need to train. Moreover, it is practically useless to train exclusively in improving the technique of sex. You also need to train your muscles. And only after a few hours a day will be spent training the necessary muscle group, the girl will be able to achieve the perfect orgasm.

How to increase orgasm

What should be the training? In fact, the workouts are not difficult, and consist of only seven exercises. The secret is to do these exercises correctly and regularly.

Orgasm Exercises

1 The main exercise is training the pelvic muscles. In fact, the pelvic muscles can and should be trained with Kegel exercises. The advantages of this set of exercises are that, firstly, in addition to getting the perfect orgasm, you will also get healthy genitals, and secondly, these exercises can be done almost anywhere and at any time. While traveling in public transport, sitting at your desk and even just walking down the street.

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2 The second exercise is related to the hips. Here, an additional bonus to orgasm will be your elastic hips. In order to perform the exercise, you need to stand in a stance so that your legs are shoulder-width apart, and slightly bend them at the knees. Put your hands on your belt. Next, we make rotational movements with the hips. Five times in one direction, 10 in the other. And so, gradually increasing the number of "circles", you must bring them up to 20 rotations in one direction and up to 20 in the other direction.

3 Muscles of the body. In the third exercise, we will swing the so-called muscular corset. In order to do the exercise correctly, you need to lie on the floor and take a stance – as if we were doing push-ups. Further, in a raised state, hold the body for 5 seconds (the body should be stretched to the string), and so, gradually we must reach the holding time – 30 seconds.

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4 We develop flexibility that will help us in sexual games. To do this, we sit on the floor, leaning on our knees and palms, face down. The knees should be spread apart in width at shoulder level. While inhaling, you need to raise the buttocks up, and lower the spine as much as possible down. In this state, you need to linger for 5 seconds. As you exhale, you need to lower your head down and relax.

5 We strengthen the legs, making them flawless, because during lovemaking, the legs work much harder than it might seem. So – we lower ourselves to the floor, leaning on our knees and on our palms. Legs shoulder width apart. Raise the leg bent at the knee up so that the foot is perpendicular to the floor. Stretch your toes up. Lower the leg and do the exercise with the other leg. You need to do 10 repetitions with each leg.

6 The next exercise is strong arms. To perform it, sit on the floor and lean behind your hands on a chair. The feet should be pressed to the floor, and the back should remain flat. Now we raise the ass without tearing off the arms and legs. The weight of the body should be transferred to the arms. Now crouching, also without taking off his arms and legs. 

7 And the last exercise is the perfect butt. We stand with our backs to the chair, stretching out “along the line". We bend our knees a little and continue to lower ourselves until the butt touches the edge of the chair. As soon as this happened, we linger for a few seconds and rise. Such exercises should be 12 approaches several times a week. When doing them, make sure that the back should be straight all the time, and the feet should not come off the floor.

Here are seven "golden" exercises, the regularity of which will help you not only look great, but also get the most out of love games with your partner.

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