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Most of us have heard that marriage is a job. But usually we realize how much effort marriage requires only after we exchange rings at the altar. In this day and age with divorce rates over 50%, how can we promise to be together until death do us part? The following tips will help you survive your marriage after your honeymoon.

Set your priorities. Take note of what annoys you the most about your spouse, but don’t focus all your attention on his flaws, because otherwise your family will become a battlefield. Your husband will have the feeling that everything he does is wrong, then why try? And similar feelings will be reflected in both spouses.

Conflicts happen

The more you have lived together, the more often conflicts can arise. Never raise your voice at each other in front of friends or children. If a showdown is unavoidable, discuss things in a quieter place alone with each other. When arguing, do not turn to your parents for comfort. Thus, do not interfere with other family members!

Date night

Book a special date night. If you have children, arrange with a nanny for these evenings in advance. If you do not have children, then the individual evenings that you devote to each other are still worth highlighting! You can spend some of them at home, but do not abuse it. A change of scenery is very helpful in maintaining novelty in a relationship. Besides, such evenings do not have to be expensive. Organize a picnic in nature, or drive a car in the evening to a picturesque quiet place. To watch the stars together.

Have separate interests

Have separate interests and separate friends! Of course, a husband or wife can be your best friend, but you both need to have your own personal interests. It’s good to have your own group of friends – not all friends have to be shared. This item has a separate plus – you, like your husband, will be able to speak out to friends in difficult moments.

Appreciate each other

Never take a man’s dignity for granted. Always appreciate them, even the most insignificant ones, but not so often that it might seem insincere. Agree, we all like it when people attach importance to details – even if it’s just a brushed carpet! Show your admiration when appropriate.

Show your concern. Your attention and care does not have to be expressed in expensive gifts and only on holidays. If you see a flower on your way home, bring it to your wife, or prepare your husband’s favorite meal before he gets home when you know he’s having a hard day. Just tell him how much you love him – such simple things work!

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