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Cameron Diaz may return to the movies (but this is not certain)


Cameron Diaz

At the beginning of this year, news broke that Cameron Diaz and her husband Benji Madden became parents: the couple had a daughter, whom they named Raddix (the child was most likely born to the spouses by a surrogate mother). The former actress is madly in love with the new role of the mother – she has repeatedly said that she enjoys motherhood. However, according to a source, Cameron is considering returning to films.

Cameron enjoys spending time with her husband and child. She had been working continuously for almost 20 years and needed a break. She likes to be a mother, now this is her main goal. She plans to be very selective in any projects in the future, but for now she is focused on the family,

— told the insider publication ET.

Cameron Diaz may return to the movies (but this is not certain)

Cameron Diaz in the movie Annie

By the way, Diaz’s colleague, 46-year-old Eva Mendes, adheres to similar principles. After appearing in films for the last time a few years ago, the star focused on family life with her beloved Ryan Gosling and raising their two daughters. She is not going to put an end to her acting career, but she can no longer agree to any roles, since now she must set an example for her children.

The last picture of Diaz, released on the screens, was the film "Annie". The film was released in 2014, and in 2015 the actress tied the knot with Madden and devoted herself to her family. During a recent Instagram live, 47-year-old Cameron called motherhood "the best part of my life."

she shared.

Cameron Diaz may return to the movies (but this is not certain)

Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz

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