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How to sew a trendy skirt


If you know how to sew, you can solve the problem of updating your wardrobe quickly and without much expense – get a fashionable fabric, cut out the main details and put them together. The more skirts you have in your wardrobe, the more looks you can create.

Assess your figure, get acquainted with the latest trends and choose the style of the skirt – it should not just be popular, but be suitable for you in terms of cut and texture of the fabric. All the advantages of a figure in the form of a thin waist, graceful curves of the hips or legs of incredible length should be emphasized by your skirt. Accordingly, everything that is undesirable to focus on should be hidden.

Models of narrow skirts are considered universally successful – high waist, tight silhouette, conservative length. For such skirts, dense fabrics that do not stretch, the so-called costume materials, are suitable. Cut out a pattern on a sheet of paper, do not forget to mark the tucks, due to which you will emphasize the smooth lines of the figure. You can plan a back or side incision. Reflect all the details on the pattern. Then steam and iron the fabric, pin the pattern to the material with small pins and, leaving allowances for the seams, cut out the main elements. Open the belt separately. Connect the side seams, then process the bottom of the skirt and proceed to the design of the belt.

A pleated skirt is considered relevant not only for everyday wear – models with wide pleats are sporty and are often worn by active girls. A wide skirt should also be pre-cut and folded – only then should the upper part be processed, sewing on a belt and fasteners.

Feminine skirt of a flying cut – flared or sun-flared. Such retro skirts are returning to our lives again, embodying the feminine and a penchant for romanticism. A simple pattern, a minimum of trim and seams – it is easy to sew a flared skirt. You can add a couple of wide pockets, decorate the belt with straps or lacing.

Skirts in ethnic style are preferred by original and extravagant girls. Since the popularity of handmade items is constantly growing, the patchwork skirt will look fresh and attractive. Prepare several flaps, cut them into squares or rectangles of the same size. Finish the edges with an overlock, then sew the pieces together to form the fabric of the skirt. The top can be gathered with an elastic band – insert a wide dense elastic band into a thin belt.

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