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How to stop being late?


What makes a successful person different? A person who has reached incredible heights in his career stands out for his ability to make quick decisions and perform actions in time in any area of ​​social activity. Punctuality in this case is one of the key factors due to which he feels fulfilled and fulfilled both in professional activities and in his personal life. A successful person will never, under any circumstances, allow himself to be late, whether it be a romantic date or a business meeting.

Today, the problem of non-punctuality is relevant for many of us. Of course, there are a number of factors that, to one degree or another, can justify being late: poor health, adverse weather conditions, traffic jams, etc. Nevertheless, for some of us, the habit of constantly being late has already grown into a chronic habit and has become the norm of life. What is the risk? At a minimum, you can get a reprimand from your superiors, lose your bonus, quarrel with friends. How to deal with this problem? Let’s try to figure it out.

How to stop being late?

Remove time killers from your schedule. How many times have you said to yourself: “Now I’ll finish playing a computer game (talking with a friend on the phone, watching a series), and then I’ll start getting ready for work (meeting)"? And what is the result? Having finished the planned business, you simply “fly” to work, but as a result you are still late. Surfing the Internet, gossip with a friend, an interesting movie – all this is good, but it is better to plan such things for the evening, when you can relax in a calm atmosphere and not be in a hurry. Remember that the fruitfulness and success of your every day directly depends on properly planned time.

– Plan your morning, starting with the evening. Preparing clothes, washing shoes, putting things in order in the bag – all these things are best done in the evening. This will save a lot of time in the morning and leave the house on time.

– Get yourself a diary, where you will record the time intervals spent on a particular task. In the evening, analyze your notes and look for ways to save time. Perhaps 20 minutes for breakfast is a lot, and you can eat a full meal in 15 minutes.

Stop making excuses for your lack of punctuality. The phrase "I was late for work because the lock on the front door broke" can look plausible 1 or 2 times. Next time, your boss might just fire you. Do not try to deceive yourself and others. If you are late for a certain reason, ask for forgiveness and continue to try not to allow this to happen again.

– Think not only about yourself, but also about others. Remember that waiting for you for more than 15-20 minutes, your friends or acquaintances would spend this time more fruitfully. Constant non-punctuality and absent-mindedness can become the reasons for the breakdown of friendships.

Do not forget that the main share of the responsibility for your delays lies only with you. Look for all possible and impossible methods of dealing with your lack of punctuality. Create a reputation for being a responsible person who is fully responsible for his words, do not let various circumstances destroy your career and personal life.
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