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How to write a resume


You are a first-class specialist, and you have the opportunity to get a job in a prestigious company. It remains only to correctly compose a resume and wait for a call from the employer.

Before you start writing a resume, imagine yourself in the shoes of a leader. What does he need to know about your biography and track record, what qualities should a potential employee have in order to want to do business with him?
Having assessed yourself in this way, familiarize yourself with the standard resume form. You can contact a recruitment agency, or you can find a resume template on the Internet yourself. And only after that you can start compiling your own resume.

The beginning of time

The first thing to start your resume with is to introduce yourself. The surname, name, patronymic, date of birth and vacancy for which the person is applying are indicated, and in the wording in which the employer gives it. Here you can also provide contact details: phone number, email address, so that in case of interest, the HR manager can immediately contact the candidate and invite him for an interview.

Educational qualification

Write clearly and consistently in your resume about your education: the full name of the educational institution, the year of its graduation, indicate the faculty and specialization. If you have a second or additional education, be sure to report it. A plus will also be information about the completion of advanced training courses, attendance at training sessions, the availability of certificates and diplomas.

Achievement list

Please note that work experience on a standard resume is described in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent job. This section indicates the period of work, the name of the organization, position, job responsibilities and achievements. For convenience, the information in this section can be arranged in the form of a table in five columns.

It is important to note that too long a list of organizations in which you previously worked may harm you rather than impress the employer. Enter here information only about the type of activity that is relevant to your vacant position. For example, you are applying for the position of a leading economist, so it is not at all necessary to mention work in an art workshop in this regard. Do not forget to write about your professional and personal qualities that can distinguish you from many other applicants. Just don’t overdo it. Four or five of your distinctive features will be enough.

Skills and abilities

If you are an experienced user of a personal computer, in the column "Additional skills" you can also mark "Experienced PC user". Be sure to indicate which programs you are familiar with – a standard office list or specialized, complex computer programs. This item can also characterize you positively.

Here you can also note that, if necessary, you are ready to study additionally. After all, you are really interested in personal and career growth.

How to write a resume

money question

Do not ignore such a resume item as “Desired salary". The amount must be adequate and in no case underestimated, which may cause the HR manager to doubt your competence. The phrase “By agreement” can be universal in this paragraph. So the level of salary can be discussed directly at the interview with the manager.

A special case

If you plan to work in a foreign company and are fluent in a foreign language, then your resume must be written in two languages. The algorithm for compiling a resume in foreign countries has its own characteristics, so you need to familiarize yourself with them in order to appear before the employer in the best light.


Consistency, conciseness, strict selection of facts of a professional biography are the main principles for compiling an effective resume. In addition, preference will be given to a resume that is written without spelling errors in a formal style. Remember that the author of the summary is solely responsible for the veracity of the information provided.

How to write a resume

The finished resume is sent by fax or email. It would be nice if you call the personnel department, introduce yourself, say that you have sent a resume and hope to become an employee of this company soon.

Are you looking for a job? Now you can safely start writing your professional resume.
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