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How to understand that you will soon become a mother? Basically, every woman knows that the main sign of approaching happiness is the stopping of menstrual days. But there are other clues from the body that will help you understand that you are carrying a new life under your heart.


Nowadays, most women measure their body temperature every day, tracking their health status. For such girls, this information will come in handy. During the fertilization of the egg and its attachment to the uterine mucosa, the body temperature rises. Thanks to this information, you will be able to discover in time that you will soon become a mother.


Mostly, fatigue appears before and during women’s days, and most girls can turn this feeling on them, guided by guesses that "these" days will come soon. But, they are mistaken, fatigue, accompanied by buzzing legs, dizziness and weakness, these are the first and brightest signs of the coming replenishment in the family.

Cramps in the lower abdomen.

And again, such a hint from the body, women regard as the approach of ordinary menstrual days. Delusion! A fertilized egg penetrates the uterine mucosa, and it responds with protective convulsions, thus notifying the woman about the processes taking place in her.

Sensitive chest.

Sensitive breasts filled with milk let the girl know that she is ready for the birth of a child, and there is plenty of milk in her. And the fair sex, again, everything refers to critical days. Breast pain during menstruation and pain during pregnancy are quite different. During pregnancy, it is impossible to touch the breast, it hurts wildly and is terribly heavy. The halo around the nipple increases and slightly darkens. Nipples swell.

The primary signs during pregnancy are so similar to ordinary monthly days and many women do not attach the necessary importance to them. And it would be worth it! Trust your intuition, notice the slightest changes, compare your physical and emotional state. The sooner you realize that you are pregnant, the more time

take them to prepare for such an important event. The birth of a child is always a celebration. Even if the pregnancy was unplanned. Accidents are not accidental, remember that. Every thing, every incident, and every situation was thought out by God. The baby is a gift from God.

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