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Personal maturity and balance are essential to the development of a relationship. In order to maintain a relationship and be happy, you must first love yourself.

Lonely and happy: is it possible?

Of course, it’s entirely possible to be single and happy, although some people equate happiness with being in a relationship. We assure you that being alone has many benefits, which we will explore next. The benefits of being alone. You probably know someone who is currently single and desperate to find a partner. They think that they are the jesters of society if they do not have a soul mate, that they are empty and will not feel complete without another person to hold their hand every day. But the fact is that it is dangerous to get involved for happiness is not known with whom. Some people don’t know how to feel comfortable alone, how to have their own balance or feel like they’re growing, which is only possible in our lives when we’re alone and no one is around. Obviously, the "second half" being around will make us happy and give us a sense of balance, but it’s worth making it clear that in order to have partners and be happy, it’s important to first learn to love yourself. In order for a relationship to form between two people, a balance and personal maturity are needed, where both will find emotional integrity and respect for themselves and for each other. But let’s see how we can take advantage of loneliness.

1 Listen to yourself to know yourself better.

Loneliness allows you to spend time alone and listen to your own needs more often. Spend this time reflecting and becoming more aware of your own needs, your likes and dislikes, and what you want most. Sometimes in relationships, many people spend more time caring for the needs of others. We push ourselves into the background, not realizing that if something does not change, the situation can become dangerous. Loneliness gives us time for ourselves. Be selfish and think of yourself. Take care of yourself, listen to your needs, find your own balance in being alone. Learn to listen and love yourself!

2 Time to grow as a person, time for yourself.

Most relationships end traumatically, and that’s when our optimism and self-esteem suffer the most. This is the right time to get to know yourself, grow, heal your wounds, and reorient your life. Think about the type of person you would like to be with and define the emotional boundaries that are acceptable to you in a relationship. Think about it and enjoy life. Learn to love yourself and believe that you are the amazing person in the world, and loneliness brings you happiness.

2 Time for your friends and hobbies

Nothing warms the soul more than the opportunity to have time for what you love. Drawing, language learning, courses… Now is the time to do what you love and enjoy the freedom. Sometimes when we are in a relationship, we stop doing what we love because we spend so much time with our significant other. Now you can do what you like without reporting to anyone. You can go on a trip with a few friends or on your own. Being alone is not bad, you will always be the most important person in the world. Enjoy life, friends, family, pets…and being alone.

3 Time to feel self-sufficient.

Many people are under the impression that the first thing to do is to find your other half. If we are obsessed with this idea, we begin to consider ourselves inferior. From now on, you should feel like a self-sufficient, healthy person. While you are enjoying life, the person who deserves you will appear, who will love you for who you are and with whom you will be happy. It doesn’t have to be your other half. Any two people with the right combination of characters, passions, virtues, and vices can form a stable and happy couple. Until then, remember that you are always self-sufficient. You are full of self-respect, personality, feelings and beauty.

Smile in front of the mirror and remember that your happiness is always important whether you are in a relationship or not. Learn to love yourself, nurture your self-worth, and don’t think for a second that being in a relationship is necessary to be happy. Sometimes we get into toxic and harmful relationships that make us feel like it would be better to be alone. But what is really better is to learn how to enjoy your own individuality and independence without completely closing your heart. Love is an adventure that is always worth trying, but never neglect your heart.

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