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Fantasy Film Week


New Year’s Eve weeks always smell a little magical. That is why we decided to devote one of the last columns of film criticism this year to a selection of new films in the fantasy genre.

I am made for you

Romantic fantasy. The main character is a young female scientist named Alma. She lives alone in Berlin and devotes her life entirely to science. In a small company of like-minded people, she studies ancient films and tries to prove that poetry was not alien to people even at a time when, it would seem, the main goal of their existence was elementary survival. However, such research requires considerable funding. To fuel her project’s budget, Alma agrees to be part of a well-paid experiment. According to its terms, a woman must shelter and communicate with a humanoid robot for 3 weeks, whose algorithms are able to conquer any woman. In addition to the fact that the robot is outwardly indistinguishable from a handsome man, it is also incredibly courteous, able to support any intellectual conversation, help around the house, he is romantic and helpful. In a word, Alma’s new roommate is the dream of any average woman. But the whole trouble is that Alma herself does not fall into this very average statistics with her life position.

Year: 2021
Duration: 105 minutes
Country: Germany

strawberry mansion

Surreal fantasy. Actions take place in the near future. People have learned to record and review their dreams. For such a unique opportunity, citizens are required to pay taxes. Their timely payment is monitored by a staff of special tax inspectors. James Preble is one of them. He stays in the strawberry mansion to do his job and check the dream records of his mistress, a sweet old lady. The woman turns out to be so non-progressive that she records her dreams not on modern media, but on old video cassettes. This complicates the work of James. But there is nothing to do, the inspector is immersed in routine work. The dreams of an old woman fascinate the examiner with their colorfulness. He wonders why his own dreams are not so fulfilled. Then the mistress of the strawberry mansion reveals to him an amazing secret. Turns out, dreams of ordinary people are filled with advertising. She found a way to get rid of the commercials in her dreams…

Year: 2021
Duration: 91 minutes
Country: USA

Area 414

A fantastic thriller in the dark tradition of the cult adaptation of the Sin City comics and the Westworld series. Actions take place in the near future, when the creation of robots serving people has been perfected. Now it is difficult to understand where is a real person and where is a biomachine. Area 414 is a rather gloomy place inhabited by robots. It costs a lot of money for an ordinary person to get here, but with biomachines in this territory isolated from the rest of the world, everything is allowed. And there are many who are eager for cruel perversions with robots. That’s why the owner of Site 414 is a fabulously wealthy man. But, as you know, the rich also cry. The tycoon’s only daughter, the rebel Melissa, disappeared in Area 414. The girl often visited here and played a dangerous game, not admitting to anyone that she was not a robot.

Year: 2021
Duration: 98 minutes
Country: UK

Fantastic viewing!

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