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Installation for success


Dear friends! Take a look around.
How many happy and successful people do you see? Not so much.

And why? Someone will say, “It’s okay.
Not everyone has to be happy and successful!" And many will agree with this. Many believe that being happy and successful is the prerogative of the elite. That only a few are chosen.

And who elects them?
God? Fate? Fortune? Rock? Or some other higher power?

They choose themselves! Yes, it is these chosen ones who themselves enter themselves into the lists of those people about whom they speak with reverent envy.
The thing is that only knowledge distinguishes the lucky from the loser. And I am ready to share this knowledge with you.

I lived an ordinary life, like millions of ordinary people live. School, army, work, according to this pattern, many in our country begin their lives. The salary is below average, from the entertainment of football on TV with friends over a glass of beer. From Monday to Friday, work, but the weekend, of course, was so-so. This went on week after week, month after month. And I don’t know how it would have ended in the end if one event that happened in my life hadn’t turned it one hundred and eighty degrees back! For you personally, dear friends, what happened to me has no informational value. Since you are reading these lines, it means that something in your life has already begun to change.

Let’s get down to business. When I realized that I should not live the way I live, I thought: ” But how can I change my life? »
In the age of information technology, even a lazy person can learn anything. With the Internet, you have access to an inexhaustible storehouse of information. So I started reading the biographies of successful people and the books they write.

Because, firstly, successful people love to share their experience. They feel that the knowledge they have needs to be spread!

Secondly, success stories inspire you to move up the ladder of well-being and prosperity! And I didn’t stop there. I watched video courses, talked to people, tried to write business plans. And my life began to go uphill. I opened my own business, got reliable business partners and live happily ever after. So everyone can! Just wanting is enough. I’m not going to give you precise practical advice on this matter. Because I will deprive you of the most valuable thing – your own thoughts! You must come to this yourself, and no one will help you with this. The only thing I can do is give you direction in obtaining this knowledge!

First: books, books and more books! This is the best way to get information! I advise you to read foreign authors. They have been in capitalism for more than two hundred years, and they understand this more than you and me.

Second: webinars, video courses, and all kinds of video lessons on economics, business and finance. Here you can get the experience that other people have experienced and add it to your own.

Well, the third: your environment. It should consist of those people who can teach you something.
And, of course, most importantly, think about success, and it will accompany you!
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