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Is the Beckham family moving to New York?


David and Victoria Beckham: “Do you think they are waiting for us in New York?"

It seems that after five years of living in Los Angeles, the Beckham family is seriously considering moving (no, not back to England), but to New York this time.

There are several reasons: firstly, David Beckham’s contract with the LA Galaxy football team is coming to an end on December 31st. They say that he is not going to renew it, but he also does not want to leave big football forever. He said:

I don’t know, but for now I’ll be happy to play in the playoffs, and then we’ll see how my body feels. Even when I retire as a football player, I will definitely have the desire to do something else and be the best at it.

Secondly, Victoria has already established herself as a successful designer in the USA – her shows at the last fashion week in New York made a splash among American (and not only!) fashionistas. Sources say that posh spice will do much better in the Big Apple than in LA.

Thirdly, the Beckham children are growing up and, they say, Victoria began to seriously think about finding an elite educational institution for children in New York, including Harper. She liked the school Convent of The Sacred Heart. The cost of education in it is about 30 thousand dollars a year, and among her students were the daughter of John F. Kennedy Caroline, Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga.

Informed sources spoke about the plans of the Beckhams:

How true the rumors are, we will find out soon.

Is the Beckham family moving to New York?

David and Victoria Beckham with their sons

Is the Beckham family moving to New York?

Victoria and Harper seem to enjoy New York

Is the Beckham family moving to New York?

still, because at Fashion Week Vicki was so warmly received

Is the Beckham family moving to New York?

and David is loved everywhere

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