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Ivanka Trump in Big Business


Having stellar and famous parents, children sometimes do not think about their lives: they burn time and parental money at parties and restaurants. But some choose a completely different path – the creation of oneself. This is exactly what Ivanka Trump, a 31-year-old American businesswoman, is. If the yellow press regularly recalls other children, then only economic magazines write about Ivanka. Ivanka is far from stupid, has a shark’s acumen in business and, moreover, breaks all the stereotypes of blonde women. With blond hair, she looks stunning and has a stunning career.

Dad taught me to save money

Ivanka is the daughter of Ivana Zelnicek, a former Czech model, and billionaire Donald Trump. Loving parents gave her everything: beauty, intelligence, acumen, business skills, responsibility and, of course, luxury. It seems that everything is fine and the girl could easily lead a secular life. But there is one but…

Donald Trump, despite the multibillion-dollar fortune that he lost more than once, but revived again thanks to his large-scale plans and work, from childhood taught his children to respect money, other people’s work, and to be independent. So, for example, he gave out a certain amount of pocket money, no more, no less. And when the offspring were 16 years old, he paid only for his studies, advised them to live and earn on their own.

After graduating from a closed school, Ivanka went on to study further and receive a decent education at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. But life needed money. Therefore, in parallel with her studies, the girl decided to go into the modeling business, since external data completely helped her in this. Here, of course, the connections from the mother contributed, but she understood perfectly, and also said: “being the daughter of rich parents is one thing, but it is very difficult to reach the same heights yourself."

Ivanka Trump in Big Business

To the surprise of the paparazzi, who were eager to capture some incriminating facts from Ivanka’s life, the girl led the right way of life. She worked hard at photo shoots, and then immediately hurried home, where economic textbooks and notes were waiting for her. Such perseverance bore fruit: Ivanka graduated from the university with a gold medal. Having received an excellent education, she left the modeling stage and went to comprehend the men’s business, having received one of the positions in her father’s company. Many were skeptical about her ambitions and expected the imminent failure of the "blonde with a model appearance", but …

Conquest of financial peaks

… Ivanka, having entered the world of elite real estate, plunged headlong into work and moved forward with confident steps. Ivanka lived and worked in one of Trump’s skyscrapers, since the office was just a few floors below. Putting on strict office suits and collecting her hair in an ordinary ponytail, which did not fit at all in the minds of those who were used to seeing her as a model, Ivanka spent hours at work. It was quite difficult, because not only the father worked in the same company, but also two brothers, and to convince three men of their innocence and absolute competence is not only difficult, but almost unrealistic.

But she completely coped with her goal and at the age of 26 she already took the place of vice president of the Donald Trump concern, and became her father’s right hand. Despite her strong employment, Ivanka managed to conduct photo shoots for a fashion magazine. She also purchased the house from her father on her own. In an interview where she was often asked about such a mind-blowing success, she said that women are capable of doing a lot. The main thing is to set a goal, believe in yourself and steadily follow it.

What is the success of Ivanka Trump

Actress and TV presenter Oprah Winfrey once set Ivanka Trump as an example for women of the 21st century. This is what led her to create her own book, published in 2009 under the title The Trump Card: How to Win in Business and in Life. Despite her young age, Ivanka reveals the secrets of her success there, relying on her vast experience. She tells women about how to survive in a male business, how to make them respect themselves as an excellent specialist. According to Ivanka, in order to reach great heights and become a millionaire, you need to work and invest all your efforts as if you have already become one. Everything depends absolutely on oneself, on the desire, on the goals set. You can’t stop when you reach one height, one bar. You need to jump above yourself, set another goal and move according to the plan. That’s right, knowledge, self-control,

Ivanka Trump in Big Business

Also, Ivanka is always friendly to people, even if they are her ex-men. As the business woman herself says: “it is always necessary to maintain friendly relations with everyone, be interested in business, share your experience, because the time may come when such meetings will be useful to both parties.”

Once Ivanka received the main advice in life from her older brother: "You can’t get what you want if you don’t ask." But over time, she developed her own rule: “When we ask for something, we subconsciously expect to receive less in return. And in order to get what you want in full, you need to pretend that you are claiming more.

And Ivanka sets out her main secret of a successful career as follows: “Everyone has winning moments in life. It is important to see them, bring them to life, instantly correct the errors that arise and never give up, regardless of the situation.”

Steps into a new business

Another valuable piece of advice from Ivanka is not to forget to look around well, develop yourself comprehensively, read various books, do work that is unusual for you, and at the same time not be afraid to look like an amateur.

Ivanka Trump in Big Business

In 2008, Ivanka decided to try herself in a new business and opened her own jewelry company Ivanka Trump, which produces very expensive jewelry that only high-income clients, including the business woman herself, can afford. The girl loves the classical direction, especially the era of Grace Kelly, so her collections are called none other than the very charm of Old Hollywood. There is also information that the girl decided to start producing shoes.

Despite the excellent external data, a brilliant mind and a large fortune, the girl’s personal life was not so successful, but this was also overcome. In the fall of 2009, Ivanka married businessman Jared Kushner, owner of The New York newspaper, and has already given birth to two charming children: Arabella Rose, born on 07/17/2011, and Joseph Frederick, born on 10/14/2013.

Ivanka Trump in Big Business

Being engaged in business and combining it with family responsibilities, Ivanka does not stop moving forward, outlining new plans, and confidently walking along the path of their implementation.
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