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Kristen Stewart Dating Michael Pitt?


According to foreign media, Kristen Stewart has a new reason to smile: they say that she began to secretly meet with Michael Pitt, who, by the way, is married to actress Jamie Bochert.

Reporters say the young people first met during Paris Fashion Week. At the Chanel show, Kristen sat next to the Boardwalk Empire star, and after the show ended, the actors saw each other again in private. After that, allegedly, an affair began.

A source close to the actress said:

It is not known how much this gossip can be trusted, but the joint photos of Kristen and Michael give hope that after the seemingly final breakup with Robert Pattinson (or did they reconcile?), the actress will be able to recover. We are waiting for new joint photos of the alleged lovers – or an official refutation of the novel.

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