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Shopping hunting: conquering Europe!


For profitable shopping, it is important to choose the right time of the trip. The main sales in France, Germany and other countries fall on two periods – the time after the New Year and at the end of July – the beginning of August. Usually the discount period lasts 2-3 weeks. And you need to take into account one feature of sales – in the first days, things in many stores are sold with minimal discounts of 20-30%. During this time, it is better to purchase the most popular models and sizes. Prices then drop until they reach up to 70% off individual items left at the end of the sale. At this time, you can buy clothes or accessories that are not too popular styles or non-standard sizes.

Please note that some very expensive brands, such as Chanel, do not fundamentally reduce the prices of their items even during sales.

If you are in Europe outside the sales period, you still have the opportunity to profitably purchase beautiful things. Look for stock. These are stores that bring items from past collections and sell them at a reduced price. And in large cities, there are also outlets – these are entire trading towns, usually located in the suburbs. There you can even buy clothes from current collections at a significant discount. You can find out where such centers are located in tourist guides or in your hotel – administrators often have such information.

Unique items can be purchased in various markets. They sell products of local craftsmen, and antiques, and just things that have become unnecessary for the owner. Such sales are usually held in the morning and during the warm season. You can find out about their venue from the local press.

Buyers from abroad are especially attracted to large department stores. But keep in mind that in multi-brand boutiques, prices can be inflated. It is best to buy clothes in stores of a specific brand opened by the manufacturer.

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