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Movies that make you think about life


Cinema should not only entertain, but above all – teach, instruct and open eyes. Unfortunately, every year there are less and less masterpieces of cinematography that make you think about life. But those that are, will be relevant at all times.

The best films are different for every viewer. Someone will see a hidden philosophical meaning in the picture, while someone will find it rather boring. But still there are films that teach and do not leave anyone indifferent.

"4 Feathers", 2002, drama; directed by Shekhar Kapur. The film is about friendship, which gives courage, determination and fortitude. The plot suggests that nobility and honor should be in a person not for others, but, first of all, for oneself.

"7 Lives", 2008, drama; directed by Gabriele Muccino. A picture of self-sacrifice, feelings of duty and guilt for what they have done. At the beginning, the picture seems incomprehensible and uninteresting, but the main thing is to watch it to the end. Before watching, it is better not to read the description of the film, so that it is more interesting to watch.

"American History X", 1998, drama; directed by Tony Kay. A film about racism. The protagonist was confident in the correctness of his judgments and actions, but life with his "enemies" in prison changed and turned his opinion about blacks.

"Angel-A", 2005, comedy, melodrama; directed by Luc Besson. The picture teaches you to look at yourself from the inside, open up, recognize your virtues, develop them and love yourself.

"Knockin’ on Heaven", 1997, comedy, drama; directed by Thomas Yan. Do not lose heart because of life’s troubles (in this case, because of a fatal illness). We must move forward, have time to do a lot of good deeds, realize our dreams. The slogan of the film “It’s stupid to be afraid" means that fear prevents a person from realizing all this.

"The Life of Others", 2006, drama; directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. Sometimes you should do not as you are obliged, but as your heart and mind tell you. You should not expect rewards for your actions, you just need to do good deeds and help people.

"Green Mile", 1999, drama; directed by Frank Darabont. A film about the injustice of life: the injustice of the court and the injustice of judging a person by appearance.

"Mind Games", 2001, drama; Directed by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer. The picture is about how to cope with your illness, how to admit it and move on with your life. A film about love, when the wife does not leave her husband, but helps and supports him in a difficult period.

The Godfather trilogy, 1972-1974-1990; directed by Francis Coppola. All three parts show the honor, nobility, love and integrity of a large family. But money, power and revenge lead to a tragic ending.

"Legends of Autumn", 1994, drama; directed by Edward Zwick. The film tells about the complexity of relationships, family and love. It contains the pain of loss, experiences, freedom, revenge and love.

"Million Dollar Baby", 2004, drama; directed by Clint Eastwood. It’s never too late to prove yourself in something else and confidently go towards your dream.

"Sky over Berlin", 1987, drama; directed by Wim Wenders. Human life is so beautiful that even angels are ready to descend to earth in order to feel everything just like a person and love.

"The Shawshank Redemption", 1994, drama; directed by Frank Darabont. A painting about faith, hope and determination. The main thing is not to break down and go towards the intended goal, because sooner or later you can achieve what you want.

"Rules of winemakers", 1999, drama; directed by Lase Hallström. The film is about living by your own rules. Perhaps they contradict social mores and laws, but they preserve love, kindness and joy of life.

"Requiem for a Dream", 2000, drama; directed by Darren Aronofsky. Everyone has their own dream, but weakness and addiction (not just drugs) do not realize them. The film shows the life of drug addicts who do not cause disgust, but a feeling of empathy.

"Hurry to love", 2002, drama; directed by Adam Shankman. Life is short, and you have to do so much in it, and most importantly, have time to fall in love.

"Forrest Gump", 1994, comedy, drama; directed by Robert Zemeckis. The picture teaches to take life easier, to treat people with kindness and sincerity, as the main character did. He was weak-minded, but he was able to become a billionaire and throughout his life he kept in his heart the love of one girl and was happy.

For yourself, you can select other films that make you think about life. But the best pictures, according to many viewers, are presented above.

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