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Basic clothing styles


In modern fashion, there is such a variety of styles that it seems impossible to sort them out. But in fact, there are not many basic styles. Lots of variations. In general, style is a direction of artistic thinking, which subsequently becomes a reality. This concept came to us from France, translated from the language of this country, it sounds like a unity of features. There are several main types of style: classic, sports, folk and romantic.

Classics are always in fashion, they say correctly: “If you have not yet found your style, then dress in classic – and you will always be appropriate, you will never be out of fashion."
The classic style includes well-tailored dresses, skirts and suits, trousers with a waist at the waist, light blouses, darker jackets. The length of the skirts covers the knees, the trousers with an ironed pleat. Coats and jackets with an English collar. Pumps, perfect styling, genuine leather accessories, gold and silver jewelry with natural stones, silk handkerchiefs, thin gloves, natural fur are suitable for the classic style of clothing.

The sporty style is characterized by a looser cut of clothes, bolder color combinations. Knitwear, artificial modern fabrics and natural cotton are widely used. Skirts and dresses are less commonly used in sportswear. More often trousers, shorts, bermudas and leggings. Even if the shoes are not athletic, they are more comfortable, with low heels or no heels at all. Sports style lovers wear bright accessories – socks, knitted hats, scarves, socks and leggings. Big bags, a short haircut, a minimum of cosmetics are suitable for a sporty style.

Clothing in this style is stylized as a folk village style. Puffy sleeves with hand embroidery, long skirts with frills, shoes with low heels, fabrics with flowers, lace, turn-down collars. Deliberately rough fabrics imitating homespun, all kinds of folk patterns, leather belts, wooden jewelry, bracelets made of beads and large natural stones are also popular. In winter – knitted sweaters and hats, mittens, shawls. Usually girls who love this style wear long hair, loose or braided.

Distinctive features of this style are the use of delicate fabrics: chiffon, silk, organza, velvet, muslin, satin. Romantic-style clothing has a complex cut, many elegant details, decorations, it is rich in trimming with ribbons, sequins, and lace.

Lovers of romantic style wear dresses and skirts rather than trousers, silk scarves and stoles, exquisite jewelry, stockings, high heels, small handbags.

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