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On “excellent”: choose a dress with a collar


Dresses with collars are called the "school trend", one of the cutest and most touching phenomena of the summer-spring 2012 season. The stores already have original insulated collections for autumn and winter. Stylists predict that actual clothes will not leave the fashion catwalks for a long time. A simple detail of the cut appears in various variations, which allows ladies to choose options for all occasions.

The popularity of a dress with a simple silhouette with a collar is quite understandable. The model refers to fashionable retro, allows you to exploit the seductive image of a gentle "starlet"-starlet: virginal defenseless and with a veil of mystery.

The collar is a style-forming element that is always in sight. When choosing a dress, it is recommended to pay special attention to the workmanship of the actual detail of the cut – it must be impeccable.

There are many fantasy models of women’s collars – from frills and frills-coquilles to two-layer bow-scarves from Coco Chanel. However, modernity relies on conciseness and convenience, so new clothing collections are mostly distinguished by practicality and democracy.

At the peak of popularity – "school" dresses with a small turn-down collar, which has rounded edges. Most often, it is sewn from a fabric of a contrasting color and sewn to a blind neck. It is no coincidence that the collar was called "Peter Pan" – it creates a childishly naive image.

Tonal cuffs and stockings give additional charm along with. Summer collections add the charm of polka dots or a small flower. One-color models are universal – they can be used both as everyday wear and as evening wear. Stylists assure that today in a little black dress with a white collar "a la maid" you will shine at any party.

Another important recent trend is handmade collars that can be attached to a loose neckline. Whether sewn in lace or crocheted, they will add a special charm to any everyday item in your wardrobe. So, the combination of a rough linen (jeans, denim) and the finest openwork looks original.

Despite the great popularity of retro models in soothing colors, collars are present on the podium as the main decoration of luxurious glamour. The tradition of the past was brought back to life – this piece of clothing, along with the hat, was chicly decorated and emphasized the social status of the lady.

The most current elite models of 2012 are distinguished by their brightness, brilliance, a combination of many companion fabrics and decorative elements. Removable and sewn-in collars are decorated with beads and artificial stones, rhinestones and glass beads; they are often paired with ribbons, lace trim, and glittery pendants.

Fashion allows the most daring experiments – you can buy a dress and decorate the collar yourself to your taste. In particular, the actual CollarTips fittings (metal corners) will come to the rescue. However, when choosing an outfit, observe the measure. Decoration should not become an end in itself, its task is to emphasize your natural beauty.

The collar is that piece of clothing that can perfectly veil some of the flaws in the face and figure. In pursuit of fashion, do not forget a simple rule – the dress should suit you. When fitting, keep in mind:

– large round collars are suitable for slender girls with a narrow face;
– for a chubby full lady, it is recommended to choose elongated details;
– the more magnificent the collar, the wider the shoulders seem and the fuller – the whole figure;
– a high collar smoothes a sharp chin, a low one – a rough shape of the lower part of the face;
– with a long neck, stand-ups (including those with a sewn-in collar) and apache collars with lapels on the shoulders are good;
– with a short full neck, you should choose cape-shaped necks with low turn-down collars.

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