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How to excite a guy or a man

A languid look, a mysterious and teasing half-smile, ambiguous-sounding phrases, a spectacularly dressed body – this is just a small fraction of female tricks that help excite the natural instinct of a male and win the heart of a man forever. Once in bed with a desired partner, a woman should be able to stir up his interest, delight and give pleasure even before sex itself. Unfortunately, most couples do not pay due attention to foreplay, while it and a number of simple “things" that precede it provide truly luxurious sex. In this article, I would like to talk about how you can quickly and effectively excite a guy, simultaneously making him fall in love with you without a memory.

Excited by appearance

Wanting to excite a man, take care of creating a sexual appearance. To do this, make a neat make-up, the accents in which you need to place on the eyes, one of the most "terrible" tools in seducing a guy, and lips – they can be emphasized with a rich color lipstick or gloss that will make them appetizing. 

Equally important is dressing sexy. Don’t undress, just get dressed. The whole secret is not to openly demonstrate your sexuality, but only skillfully emphasize it, allowing a man to “finish” the true image, awakening his imagination and desire.


Therefore, when going on a date, do not wear an ultra-short mini and a large neckline, prefer a floor-length skirt or a knee-length dress with a small slit on the side. Tease a man with your stylish and seductive look, not forgetting the opportunity to turn him on with words.

We excite a man with words

Believe me, men love not only with their eyes, but also with their ears. They, just like women, react to verbal methods of arousal, which you can successfully use.

For any person, his name, said with sexual overtones, sounds unusually pleasant. Starting to seduce a man, remember this. Intimately looking into his eyes and meaningfully saying that you dreamed about him today, be sure to call him by his name, and not “cat” or bunny. 


If you already have sex in your relationship, you can stir up his interest during the day with frank texting or ICQ, in which you detail what you are going to do with him in the evening, or what you would like to receive from him. If you are too shy to put sexual fantasies into words, you can send intriguing MMS messages, for example, with photos of you in your underwear! 

Having met, snuggle up to him for a few seconds, whispering confidentially in his ear that you were in such a hurry to see him that you completely “forgot” about your underwear.


Once in bed, you can warm up a man’s arousal by quietly asking or shouting rudely (depending on the situation) that you want him right now, or by saying that he has turned you on in earnest and needs to “take it” as soon as possible, etc. You will see, his flame of passion will grow into a fire.

We excite a man with touch

Start with hugs and kisses, which should become more and more passionate from gentle. During the kiss, start stroking his shoulders, put your hands in his hair, and then in his trousers … He will definitely not remain indifferent to such a “treatment”. Starting to caress your neck or ear, he will tell you that you are on the right track. It’s time to whisper something exciting to him and unbutton his shirt, or pull off his T-shirt. 

Caressing his chest, do not forget to sometimes look at him with admiration. Even if a man is not Apollo, he is very pleased to see delight and desire in the eyes of his beloved and … it turns him on so much!


After caressing his chest, you can take care of the neck by performing a light neck massage. As a rule, the skin in this area is very sensitive, and your touch should be confident, not tickling, otherwise his flaring passion will end in ticklish writhing, and not hot sex.

Be sure to pay attention to the buttocks and stomach of the partner. But if everything is clear with the booty (spank, squeeze to your and his pleasure), then the stomach should be said separately. Particular attention should be paid to the area just below the navel. You can start with kissing the navel, which will go down lower and lower … having guessed where you are going, the man will be delighted!

The male genital organs are a solid erogenous zone, which every “male” loves oral caresses. Of course, you can limit yourself to tactile contact, but if you please him with a good blowjob, in his eyes you will be the most – the most! 


In whatever places and situations you have to excite a man and whatever method you choose for this, forget about embarrassment, act confidently and follow his response – facial expressions, gestures, words that escape from his lips. You will definitely achieve your goal!

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