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A business woman is always busy, but she manages to do everything. She is dressed in an office suit, but very attractive and stylish. She drives her own car and eats breakfast on the go. At the same time, behind her is her husband, who earns less and feels his inferiority. At home, children fall asleep, who have no time to read even a bedtime story. And with friends you have to communicate only by SMS. How to combine personal life and career? How to earn a lot, but at the same time remain feminine and loved?



Who knows better about the value of time than a business woman? She travels on business trips, is afraid of deadlines, controls the work schedule of employees. She manages everything at work, but at home she does not have enough time for anything. In the war against time, you can never win an extra hour. But you can competently organize the working day:

•Set yourself a clear goal – not to stay at work later than 19:00. Even if the work schedule is until 18:00, there are a million tasks, you should leave the office no more than an hour later. 

• If you were an hour late yesterday, leave an hour early today. And compensate this time to the family. 

• Turn off your phone for the weekend. If only for one day. At this time, assign one of the employees to be responsible for the work. 

•Try not to commute to work during rush hour. You are the boss or a valued employee. You can afford to come to the office at 11 or 7 in the morning, meeting traffic jams only in bad dreams. 

• Spend at least half an hour with your children every day. At the same time, you should not just be there. Teach kids to draw or count. Discuss how their day went. Ask about their experiences and dreams. 

House for relatives

Your secretary calls you at home to ask how to print an important contract on a new printer? Maybe it’s time for you to fire her? At home, you should be a wife and mother. Try to make sure that your employees know that after work their boss turns into … no, not into a pumpkin. And in a caring wife, who is better not to be torn away from family worries if there is no fire in the office. And even if there was a fire, it is better to call the firemen, not you. 



If you ask a worker to finish tasks before evening in a trembling and gentle manner, it is highly likely that he will finish them in a week. At work, you play the role of a strict boss. You are loved, but feared and respected. But at home, you should be a classic good wife. Affectionate and gentle. If your husband has scattered his socks, then turn off your boss tone. Show nocturnal wisdom. You can’t order your husband, you need to be kind and resourceful with him. Likewise with children. They need a loving mother, a woman who doesn’t give orders. 

Psychologists recommend creating a conditional visual border. For example, a traffic light can be a barrier for you. Crossing the road, you are reincarnated from boss to wife.

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