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Suitcase mood: what to take with you on a winter vacation


Going on a trip during your winter vacation is wonderful, and there are plenty of opportunities to go to the place that you dreamed of. But in order not to spoil your vacation, you must definitely take care of the various little things that are necessary on the road and in a foreign country.

The contents of your suitcase primarily depends on the place of rest. So, if you go to a ski resort, you should take care of comfortable and warm clothes: sweaters, a hat, gloves, warm socks, boots, etc. An absolutely necessary thing now is thermal underwear, as well as a ski suit. You should not try to replace a special suit with jeans and a sweater or a down jacket – getting wet by falling into the snow, and then treating a cold for the rest of your vacation is a bad idea. Also don’t forget your helmet and ski goggles. A helmet will protect you from injury, and goggles will save your eyes from the blinding sun and snow. Skis or snowboard, if you are not a professional, but an amateur, it is not necessary to take with you, you will find this equipment on the spot.

Since there is always a risk of getting lost in an unfamiliar area, especially in the mountains, it’s not bad if you have a GPS navigator in your suitcase, as well as a special radar that is sewn into overalls or boots.

If in the near future it is not frosts and snow-white mountain peaks that await you, but the sun, sea and sand, then the suitcase, of course, will be filled with a swimsuit, shorts, pareos, T-shirts, comfortable light shoes, a sun hat, appropriate glasses, etc.. What you should not take in any case is an iron, hair dryer and bed linen. Modern hotel service always assumes the presence of these items.

Think carefully about your wardrobe. All things must be combined with each other, and shoes and your feet must withstand the most tiring hikes. You will probably want to bring your evening attire, but don’t forget about comfortable jeans that will come in handy on excursions and walks.

Each suitcase should have room for a small set of cosmetics, deodorant and a suitable cream – moisturizing and sunscreen for holidays in warm countries, and nourishing for holidays in cold lands.

Unfortunately, no one is immune from various ailments that can turn into an almost insoluble problem abroad if you do not take your personal first aid kit on a trip. It is advisable to have painkillers and antipyretics with you; antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs; nasal drops; cough lozenges; pills for indigestion; Activated carbon; ointment or some kind of balm for injuries and sprains; adhesive plaster, bandage, cotton wool; thermometer and tonometer. Just in case, take heart and sedatives as well. Just keep in mind: all medicines must be in their original packaging.

Important things are a charger for your mobile devices, hygiene products, a camera and, of course, documents. Maybe you forgot to take something into account in your list, but if you have the main thing – a good mood, you can do without some little things.

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