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Can your marriage survive without trust? Right. If there is no trust, then the marriage survives. If there is, then the relationship develops and your union is always healthy. The psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman is very complex, and even more so when it comes to trust.

Trust in marriage is essential if you want your union to flourish. Relationships simply cannot exist without it.

Mutual trust of spouses is the key to a happy and lasting marriage!

Lack of trust leads to betrayal in the first place. But it starts with less offensive, but important things that serve as a signal that it’s time to react and start working on yourself and your relationships. Spouses who do not trust each other begin to lie about their friends, incomes, become isolated in social networks, and so on. Such unhealthy situations negatively affect the stereotyping of the family in your children. Your family becomes not a single whole, but everyone lives on their own and the only thing that will unite you is a common roof over your head and problems that will save you from time to time, uniting the family for a short period of time.

So why should trust in marriage be a priority for creating a happy family? Yes, because otherwise your relationship will be doomed to failure and divorce sooner or later.

Can you imagine how comfortable it will be for you, being in a state of complete trust in your soulmate, thereby providing yourself with the freedom to express yourself, the absence of constant doubts and fears that you are being pursued by deceit and betrayal?

Trust is the key to family happiness!

And also think about what a fortress your family will become when a peaceful home environment is fragrant in it. And how your husband or wife, tired at work, will bask in the thought that the evening will come, and he or she will return to his own person, dissolve in his arms and remove all fatigue as if by hand. Do you understand that intimacy is, first of all, when spouses know everything about each other at a deep level? If there are barriers to honesty, then over time, lies begin to triumph and develop from innocent to destructive.

How to build trust in marriage?

The most important thing here is time and patience. Especially if your significant other has a history of unsuccessful relationships, be patient and, first of all, be honest with yourself in every little thing. Drive away even the most innocent fiction. This also applies to the fact that you spent more money from the family budget than planned, and that you did not do something previously promised. Also, don’t hide if you feel a little offended in some way. It is better to immediately explain how you feel so that your spouse can help you look at the situation from a different perspective and understand what things may be unpleasant for you.

It is possible that you subconsciously distort some actions through the prism of your perception of reality. Sometimes one of the spouses has to withhold information, supposedly for the good, so as not to hurt his partner. Such innocent lies also destroy the basic foundations of trust and entail a feeling of guilt that eats into your being, and over time you begin to lie more and more often. Because the guilt has already adapted to you. In itself, the act of lying is much more destructive than the things we lied about. After all, in fact, if a person is deceiving, this means that he denies the problem and the willingness to deal with it.

The next important point in the psychology of relations between a man and a woman and the creation of trust is communication. Even if you are by nature a closed person, then you will have to learn how to express not only your thoughts out loud, but also your feelings. Sometimes you may not like something, but you are not used to even explaining to yourself what particular moment makes you uncomfortable. In a relationship with a loved one, learn to pronounce, put into words your apathy or aggression. Indeed, in ignorance, our relatives may feel guilty that they cannot understand you, and even worse, come up with their own version worse. Communication is the bridge of success in mutual understanding.

We are not perfect and never have been. And we can only strive to become better. Work on mistakes every day and move forward. And the most important thing is to help each other through communication and maybe develop a plan of mutual action. It’s never too late to start new things. Even if the couple is on the verge of collapse and breakup, you can fix everything. The main thing is that both of them want it. In this case, the first difficult step will be to forgive each other for everything, to understand and accept. And then start working on the bugs. The first helpers will be patience, time and a great desire to create a happy family.

Remember that your task is to create a family that will be a single organism, where blood will circulate through all healthy organs. And the key to such an organism is always trust, communication and, of course, love!

Good luck and happiness!

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