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Personal life of Olga Kabo


Olga Kabo was born in Moscow on January 28, 1968. She began acting in films as a schoolgirl. A beautiful and talented girl was invited to shoot in the films “And everything will happen again" by Yaroslav Lupiy and “Jokes aside” by Vitaly Makarov. On the set, she finally realized that being an actress is her calling. After school, Olga entered VGIK.

A very successful actress, Olga Kabo starred in many films, often performed stunts herself, worked in theaters. And like many sought-after actresses, she had to sacrifice her personal life for the sake of her career.

Olga’s first husband was businessman Eduard Vasilishin, they got married when Olga was 29 years old, and a year later their daughter Tatyana was born. Olga left the profession, devoting herself to raising the girl, but soon realized that she could not imagine her life without her favorite work. However, Edward preferred to see his wife only as a housewife, and conflicts began in the family. Olga decided to leave her husband, and for many years her life was devoted only to work, caring for her daughter and parents.

But on the eve of her 41st birthday, Olga Kabo finally met a man whom she could fall in love with. From the first meeting, Nikolai Razgulyaev demonstrated his serious intentions regarding their future with Olga. They met in fits and starts, neither Olga nor Nikolai had time, but even for these short and not too frequent meetings, Nikolai managed to win not only Olgina’s heart, but also her daughter and parents would like it. Olga Kabo and Nikolai Razgulyaev got married two months after they met. On March 19, 2009, they exchanged wedding rings, and Olga moved in with Nikolai.

Their marriage remains happy and amicable. Nikolai understands how important her work is for Olga, and does not interfere with her artistic career. They often appear together at various events, this is a beautiful couple, and sincere love shines in their eyes. I would like to hope that this union, contrary to opinions about the inconstancy of marriages with actresses, will be long and happy.

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