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Recently, statistics do not please us – they say that the number of divorces is growing. What are the reasons for divorce? Of course, every family has its own problems, a strange family is darkness, as they say. But still there are the main reasons for divorce, which are most common. Let’s talk about them.

  • Career first.

For this reason, women are more divorced than men. Because a man is by nature a breadwinner and the fact that he is trying to climb the career ladder can only be put on his merit. If a woman puts the family and the hearth in the first place, then she is guaranteed a divorce. Well, the owner is a barin.

  • Parents are more important.

This refers to such a reason for divorce: “My mother does it better", “My father said to do it like this”, etc. etc. Loving and honoring your parents is a wonderful feeling worthy of respect. But still, your family should come first. And you should not compare mother with wife, and husband with father. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, their age and experience. It is not without reason that the Bible contains such a commandment: “… a man shall leave his father and his mother, and cleave to his wife; and they will become one flesh.”

  • Rudeness.

The most terrible rudeness in the family is veiled. No, when they shout at you, call names and bang their fists on the table, it’s also insulting. But how much more offensive when they look at you as if you were a half-wit, who is not even worth yelling at. A condescending smile after your expressed opinion, a quiet laugh when you discuss something … "Well, what can you say smartly?" "Nothing. Just file for divorce. Otherwise, I’ll really become a dumbass “…

  • Friends come first.

Both the wife and the husband will seek comfort, attention and warmth elsewhere if one of them spends time with his friends all the time, losing his soul mate. Friends should be shared. At least most of them. In general, over the years, your spouse should become your closest friend.

  • Forced sex.

The reason is simple – he wants it, she doesn’t. Or vice versa. There is nothing wrong with this, unless it continues all the time. A full and regular sexual life is very important for the preservation of the family. Moreover, I will say that many couples are kept only on it. So, this reason for divorce could be put number one. But still, love comes first. Only now, when they don’t want to have sex with you, it seems that they no longer love you …

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