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Shopping in Moscow


Despite the fact that Moscow is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world, a huge number of people come to it, not only to enjoy some kind of cultural program, but also to make various purchases. In this regard, boutiques, shops and shopping centers not only flourish, but are also ready to fulfill any, even the most unimaginable wish of the buyer. That is why the range of Moscow goods is so rich and varied that it can compete with the most famous "fashionable" capitals such as Paris, London and Milan.

Most people, getting to Moscow, first of all tend to visit its center, where the famous GUM is located. The total area of ​​this trading giant, the most popular since Soviet times, is more than 75 thousand square meters.

A few steps from GUM, you can find the famous Okhotny Ryad shopping complex, which sells goods from the most fashionable world brands. The crowded place in this favorite place for both visitors and urban youth is due to its proximity to the metro, many shops with various goods and an abundance of cafes where you can have a quick bite.

Desirable addresses for those who dream of a successful shopping run are Tverskaya Street and Kutuzovsky Prospekt, where luxury boutiques are literally clinging to one another.

Walking along Tverskaya, turn right at the monument to Yuri Dolgoruky (if you walk from the center), and you will find yourself on a pedestrian street, which is a rarity in the capital. This is Stoleshnikov lane, passing through which you can be amazed at the impressive number of luxury boutiques representing the products of leading European fashion houses.

Visit TSUM. In this one place, the brightest, freshest and most diverse collections of fashion designers from around the world are collected.

If you come to Moscow for shopping, you will not be left without them if you also visit Yakimanka, Leninsky Prospekt, Malaya Bronnaya, Nikitsky Boulevard, Bolshaya Nikitskaya, both Arbats, Smolenskaya Square …

There are many shopping centers in Moscow. In each of them, under a common roof, there is a huge number of shops where you can buy almost everything your heart desires, and leave the last money in one of the beauty salons, fitness centers, cinemas, restaurants and other places of entertainment, which are also part of the shopping center. In general, after visiting such conglomerates, you will understand that you can not waste time looking for other stores. By the way, there are shopping centers in all districts of Moscow, so you don’t have to look for a long time what and where you can buy.

In general, there are more than 20 thousand different shops in the capital, which you are unlikely to be able to get around. If you’re only in this city for a few days, don’t try the tiring marathon of more outlets. Just decide in advance what you specifically need and choose any one route that will give you the most pleasure.

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